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August, 13 2002. Good news from abroad. Not only in Russia but also in USA the Borodino Anniversary Commemoration will take place. Here you can find more information about it. And a well known will sponsor a Napoleonic Conference.

August, 6 2002. We are glad to present you with a schedule of upcoming glorious 190th anniversary of the 1812 Patriotic War. Celebration will take place in Russia, at the Borodino field 7-11 September 2002. All guests are welcome!

July, 31 2002. We have been nominated as «Site of the week» by the Moscow Times (


June, 11 2002. We are glad to present you a new article in our «Memorial» section. Our friend and constant reader Ahmad von Denffer prepared a very interesting report about Obelisk to the Bavarians died during Russian campaign of 1812. This monument is situated in Munich, Germany.

May, 16 2002. In our Memorial section you can find a very interesting report about the exhibition «Great Emperors of Europe: Napoleon I and Alexander I».

April, 19 2002. Due to upcoming celebrations on the Borodino field we publish two photo-sketchs about military-historical holiday for children at the Borodino field in 2000 and 2001.

March, 18 2002. Our Memorial section enriched by two brilliant photo reports Epiphany ball which took place in Moscow in January and military-historical re-enàctment Battle at Preussisch-Eylau.

February, 20 2002. Today in our Memorial section you can find a very interesting article Russian-French relations at the beginning of the nineteenth century in the place names of Paris. And here you can get acquainted with some memorable medals devoted to that epoch.

January, 28 2002. Dedicated to our forth anniversary. We've done a lot for the last year and hope that you like it so greetings are welcomed! We would be pleased if you leave a note in our Guestbook. Here you can find a series of the napoleonic postcards. It's our present to our readers.

January, 18 2002. Finally we've easily remembered address - Today we've two articles about Maloyaroslavetz: Diorama «Battle at Maloyaroslavetz» and the Maloyaroslavetz re-enactment which took place in October 21, 2001.

December, 29 2001. We wish you happy New Year and good luck. Specials Christmas souvenirs from our Project to you in the section Gifts. Here you can find a screensaver which reproduces the moments of the «Austerlitz Battle» re-enactment which took place in Russia, in Gatchina.

December, 18 2001. A new article in the «Memorial» section about the Austerlitz Battle Reconstruction.
This re-enactment took place in Russia, in Gatchina (not far from St.Petersburg). December 09,2001.

December, 5 2001. After a long peroid of silence we return to our readers with new updates. First of all let us welcome a new contibutor to our project - Annette Kavanaugh with the translation of very interesting article in our «Memorial» section. It deals with the history of Borodino Memorial - Alexey Pavlovich Verechagin. Then we significally updated General Napoleonic Bibliography.

July,30 2001. In our «Memorial» section you can read about Borodino bridge. Also we are glad to introduce you new subsection of the Library - Bibliography. Here you can find the General Napoleonic Bibliography - some essencial books that everyone interested in Napoleonic history should know.

July, 10 2001. Due to some requests we've updated Members of the Russian Empire State Council in 1812. Nowadays you can find their full names and dates. Becides we add some information about our everyday activities and holidays. You never visit Borodino field? You have a wonderful chance to see the modern view of the Borodino field in the Diorama of the Borodino field.

June, 28 2001. In our section «Personalities» you can find a portrait gallery of the Napoleon's «Marshals of the Empire».

We are glad to introduce you a new section of our Project - «Patrons of art». Here you can find information about those men of worth who help us develop the Project «1812 year».

June, 21 2001. Welcome to the new section in our Project - News. At last you can read all the news and updates of our Project, even if you are not subscribed on it.

Besides you can read a new material in the «Personalities». Do you know Members of the Russian Empire State Council in 1812?

March, 31 2001. The well known historian, Mr. J.David Markham, Executive Vice-President, Editor-in-Chief of the International Napoleonic Society gave his kind permission to publish his article Following in the Footsteps of Glory: Stendhal's Napoleonic Career on our site. You can find it in our «Library».

March, 28 2001. At last we've made it. Long hoped event among our visitors - we created our Guestbook. We would be pleased if you leave a note in it.

March, 15 2001. Dear friends! Due to some reasons the solemn opening of the new section of our Project - «Personalities» which ought to be in the day of our third anniversary on January, 28 2001 didn't take place in time. Only today we open it by very interesting article - «Russian diplomats in Paris (1791-1815)».

January, 28 2001. Today we celebrate our third anniversary. We've done a lot for the last year and hope that you like it. Greeting are welcomed! If you want to wish us something please sent email to us.

January 18, 2001. Thanks to Michael Goedin was published «Historical monuments of Smolensk in photos of the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX century». Then our stuff writers tasted special Russian chocolate «Guards» (Gvardejskiy).

December 23, 2000. Specials Christmas souvenirs from our Project to you in the section «Gifts». There you can find many amazing things. Another «hard» theme in our «Memorial» - «Drinks». We've tasted some specials dedicated to the napoleonic thematic.

December 15, 2000. First of all we've updated our «Memorial» section. Since now it's has a complete list of materials as in our Russian part. In the «Memorial» section you can read «Triumphal arch in Moscow». And also very interesting facts about other «napoleonic» place in Moscow - «Manege».

November, 22 2000. We added some information about us - Creative artel of the Project «1812 year». Also you can read in our recently opened section «Library» an unique Terebeniev's ABCs of 1812 year - series of caricatures about the Napoleon's invasion in Russia.

May, 29 2000. Today we open our new section «Library». It's great honor for us that it is opened by the article of the Chairman of the Napoleonic Society of Georgia, Alexander Mikaberidze, Peter Bagration - «The Lion of the Russian Army».

May, 15 2000. A new article in the «Memorial» section about the Monument of prince Bagration in Moscow.

May, 6 2000. We continue to publish articles about interesting and unknown facts of the Russian Campaign - very mysterious case with prince Eugene Beauharnais in the Savvino-Storozhevskij Priory.

April, 3 2000. Now you can find some more details about us, who we are, where we come from, our interests and hobbies. Read about our «Team» . As we are non commercial group of enthusiasts interested in Napoleonic era in our free time sometimes we need help. If you decided to join us - look through our «Vacancies».

March, 30 2000. A new article in the «Memorial» section about the Triumphal archs of Paris..

March, 2 2000. We continue to improve our «Memorial». Have you ever been in Smolensk? No? Want to see the monuments of 1812? So the article Monuments of 1812 in Smolensk is for you..

February, 14 2000. Very interesting article in our «Memorial». We presented you two archs that were made by the order of the hero of the Patriotic war, ataman of the Donskoj Troops, count M. Platov in the «Triumphal arches of Novocherkask». Another article deals with the unique monument situated on the Vvedenskoye cemetery. in Moscow. There are buried all the French lost during the war of 1812 and 1945.

February, 10 2000. We welcome readers of the first issue of the RUSSIAN BULLETIN OF «1812 YEAR». We hope that you like it and help to improve it.

February, 1 2000. Well, we hesitate a little before introducing you this page. But at last we decided that people should know their heroes - so familiarize with our «Awards».

January, 28 2000. Today we celebrate our second anniversary. Greeting are welcomed! If you want to wish us something please sent email to the Project «1812 year».

November, 1 1999. Look through our photo report about celebrations on the field of Borodino in September 1999 Borodino'99.

June, 16 1999. Some new materials appeared in our Gallery section. We want you to pay attention to the great artists of that time - Peter von Hess and Christian Wilhelm Faber du Faur.. Their galleries are worth seeing.

May, 28 1999. There is a new material in our recently opened section «Memorial». This time you can visit Triumphal pillars of Paris and Saint Petersburg in the same time.You'll find some unknown facts about it.

May, 24 1999. We are glad to represent you a new section of our «Project» - «Memorial». We hope that you like it. And the first material in it is a brief report of our voyage to the Borodino field in 1998. It was the first joint trip and you'll see that we've had great fun there. So Borodino. 186 years after the battle... welcome you.

March, 31 1999. We've updated our section Gallery. You are welcomed to see new design.

February, 23 1999. We are glad that our section Gallery fill in. Now you can look through The Fragments of Panorama «The Battle of Borodino». by F. A. Rubo.

February, 22 1999. We are welcome the first visitors of our site. Almost all books begin with engravings and signs so we decided to begin our English part of the Project by the section Gallery. And the first artist in it is a well known Russian painter Vereschagin. Do you know his paintings? No? You've a wonderful chance to see it right now.

January, 28 1999. This is the first anniversary of the Internet project «1812 year». This year we have done all the possible to make our site well known on the Russian part of WWW. And we succeeded to be one of the most authoritive source of information about the Russian Campaign of Napoleon and about Emperor himself. But their were some claims from non-Russian visitors that all materials are in Russian and that they can't read them. So we decided to open English part of the Project «1812 year». We really hope that you'll help us to develop it. If you have any ideas how to do it - don't hesitate to sent email to the masters of the Project «1812 year».

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