Photo made by F. Icerson (1898.)
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Monument of the defenders of Smolensk on august 4-5, 1812.
This monument is situated in the central alley of the park of Culture and Rest (former territory city's parade ground). It is installed in 1841 under the High edict of the Emperor Nicolas I. The author of this monument is architect Antonio Adamini. It was made from cast iron. Total weight of the monument is 25,9 tons. This monument presents itself as a eight-edge truncated pyramid, placed on the huge cylindrical base crowned by bulbous cupolas with gilded cross. Around pyramid you can see eight pairs of decorative pillars on the top of which there are bulbous cupolas with two-headed eagles. The scenes of memorable medals of the 1812 and the inscriptions of the battle of August 4-5, 1812 are placed on the edge of the pyramid. On the east side of the pyramid is placed the icon of Smolenskaya God Mother and under it the metallic board with the plan of the battle of Smolensk. Two french canons (the copies) are installed on the stone pedestals from north and south sides of the monument.

Grave of . . Skalon.
Skalon Anton Antonovich (1767-5(17).8.1812, Smolensk), Brigadier general. Since 11.03.1799 - colonel, since 15.10.1800 - brigadier general. He commanded the Siberian dragoon regiment from 09.05.1798 to 11.04.1800. Since 11.04.1800 till 30.03.1801 - he was the chief this regiment. Since 30.03.1801 to 27.11.1802, and since 26.04.1806 to 31.10.1812 - the chief of Irkutskij dragoon regiment.
In the battle of Smolensk Skalon was the commander of the three dragoon regiments. He died at the defence of the suburbs Racheevskoe. Skalon is buried by Frenchmen in the presence of Napoleon at the foot of the "Royal bastion". In 1912 on his grave a monument was installed.

Photo by I. F. Iserson (1898.)

Monument to the hero of Patriotic war P. I. Engelgardt
This monument was installed in 1835 on the place of his heroic death on the south side of city wall near Moloxovskie gates. It was executed from cast iron. But this monument didn't remain till today. Nowadays the single memory about P. I. Engelgardt is the memorial board on the house number 2 on Dzerzhinskaya street.
Engelgardt Pavel Ivanovich (1774-15.10.1812, Smolensk) was a landowner in the Smolenskaya provence. He studied in the first regiment of Polish gentry, was on the military service, in 1812 - lieutenant colonel in retirement. For participation in guerrilla motion and protection of district against marauders he was shooted by frenchmen. The priest who accompanied Pavel Engelgardt in his last way was first historian of Smolensk N. A. Murzakevich.

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Monument of M. Kutuzov.
Sculptor G. I. Motovilov, architect L. M. Poliakov. The monument is disposed in the public garden in the beginning of the Sovietskaya street, and it was installed in 1954. You can see the bronze figure of M. Kutuzov (4 m) in classical pose with sword in his right deflated hand on the granite pedestal by height 3.15 m. On card face of the pedestal there is a board with the inscription: "To the great russian military leader Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov, prince Smolenskij".

Texts and photos of the prerevolutionary period of I.F. Iserson were used.
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