Dear friends! Our creative artel is open for everyone, who is inspired by the epoch of the end of XVIII - beginning of XIX century, and who wants and can help us with the participation in the work above the project.


Helene Bobrova

Helene graduated from Information System Department of Russian State Humanitarian University (RSHU), Moscow and accomplished her graduate study at RSHU majoring in theory of information systems.

Currently, she is employed with Department of Technotrone Archives and Documents (FTAD) of Moscow Historic Archive Institute (HAI) of RSHU.

Helene has her area of scientific research in historical computer science and works on her Ph.D. thesis «The principles of prosopographic database design on the example of military and political elite of Napoleon Empire». She is a lecturer in «Electronic Archives» class at RSHU.


Natalya Gutina (Griffon de Pleneville)

Natalya was born on September 30, 1977. Since her childhood, she was always interested in outstanding personality of Napoleon and his epoch. Natalya’s main area of research interests is military history of Napoleon’s time. Her personal ideal is colonel Marbot. His memoir is her favorite book. Natalya is a member of the International Napoleon Association.

She graduated from Petrozavodsk State University (Department of Foreign Languages) and became the first foreign scholar to receive a fellowship from the Napoleon Foundation ( on November 18, 1999.

Natalya works on her Ph.D. thesis «General Gazan» (advisor Prof. Jean Tulard). (please write in English and French or in Russian transliteration).

Vadim Kutikov

Vadim was born in Smolensk, Russia on August 30, 1979.
He graduated from Moscow Energetic Institute (Smolensk Branch).
Vadim is especially interested in the history of his native city and in Napoleon epoch. He also participates in reconstruction project «46-th Line Infantry Regiment of the Great Army» (Smolensk Branch) since February 2000.


Oleg Poliakov
aka PVO

Oleg is a Founding Father of our «1812 year» Project. He is a typical representative of an eternal student (a la Anton Chekhov).
He never graduated from any university. Oleg became interested in the history of Napoleon time when he was in the 5-th grade of the middle school.
Oleg works for JSC «AviComp Services AG» as a programmer & designer. He is an always-very-busy-guy and complains permanently about time shortage. Oleg, a chronic «owl», accommodates all advantages and disadvantages of those who belong to Cancer Zodiac sign.


Here you can find some of his works:

Mike Makarov

«Since childhood I am fond of Patriotic war of 1812 and Napoleon's epoch. The most interesting for me are life and experiences of the common people of that heroic epoch and parallels with our today's life. Heroism, self-retracting, sacrifice, and at the same time meanness, cowardice, graft - all this appears in full measure, but is leveled by an official history,that separates us from our grandparents.
What were motives of the young cornet of the mounted troops of His Imperial Majesty, the scion of the ancient Russian nobility, for whom the French language was almost mother tongue, and a gray-haired grenadier, recruted to the army from a far-away village many years ago, what urged them equally to sacrifice themselfs on the field of Borodino, defending the orthodox Fatherland? What forced a French cuirassier, Italian carabineer or Polish ulan to lay down his life in the fatal attack on the Raevsky battery with the wave of arm of the Emperor, whose banners were once the banners of Revolution?»

Maxim Gontcharov

"«I was born in Moscow on March 19, 1977. In 2001 I graduated from Russian Peoples’ Friendship University (Department of Philology). The theme of my M.A. degree thesis was «Mytho-symbolic image of Napoleon in the works of Aldanov and Merezhkovsky». I'm certified translator in French and English languages and currently study Spanish.
One funny case from my childhood promoted my future interest in Napoleon personality: I mispronounced Napoleon’s name as «Bullion Bonaparte» and was ridiculed for this.
However, I started serious studies in Napoleon field only since 1990. In 1996-2000 I was a member of the Fondation Napoleon ( My personal library collection has more than 150 of these entities (some of them fall into the rare book category), includes my favorite books written by Tulard, Manfred, Vandal, Merezhkovsky. I attended Jean Tulard lecture when he was visiting Moscow a few years ago. It further enhanced my interest in Napoleon history. As a co-op student, I was in France in October 1998 and had a unique opportunity to visit some Napoleon places in Paris, Marseilles, and Toulon.»


Edward Frelich

«I was born on November 21, 1957 in hospital OTTO in Leningrad. I'm a Scorpius by sign.
All my life till 1995 lived in Leningrad. In 1980, I graduated the Leningrad State University (Department of Physics) with the major in math physics.
In 1994, I developed a professional interest in programming, and since 1995 I have been working as information technology professional in the USA.
My leisure activities include different kinds of sports.I practice them from the 2 grade in the elementary school to this day. Most favorite among them are football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, karate, racing skates, cross of 1-3 miles a day, simulators, swimming.
Earlier, I was interested in chess, but switched my preferences to GO in 1983. I have 5 dan (the 6th dan is the highest rank for amateurs). In early 1990-s I was named 4 times between Top10 of the strongest players of USSR and Russia and few times was included in the Russian national team. In 1991-1995 I executed office of the president of St.-Petersburg Federation of GO players and served as a Council member of Russian Association of the strongest GO players.
The other activities include history and literature. I prefer Russian and German classics».

[More detailed biography in Russian]

Alexander Bernaz

Alexander was born in 1971. He graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Alexander resides and works in Moldova. History and mechanical engineering inspired Alexander from his early childhood. Later, at the age of 14, these two areas of interest merged and formed another hobby - artillery of Napoleon wars (thanks to the popular «Techniques of Youth» magazine). Since this time, Alexander remains loyal to this hobby.


Andrey Ivanov

«Since my student's years I am fond of philosophy of history - with all its dramas, tragedies and comedies. French revolution and Napoleon are my favorite subjects. This preference is reflected in my literary - publicistic trilogy «Vandemier», «Waterloo», «Elia Kapitolina». («Elia Kapitolina» was printed as a separate book by «Ex-libris Press» publishing house)».


Eugene Logunov

«My birth on April 10, 1979 was accompanied by very loud yelling, stunning like sound of cavalry horn. When I was five, I already had a beautiful sword and a red horse. They were so beautiful that they would cause envy in the heart of any brave veteran soldier…
It is hard to say now, but, maybe, my interest in military history stems from the possession of the above items. Later, when I was a schoolboy, I curbed area of my history attraction and concentrated on Napoleon wars and their influence on modern Russia. Many years have passed by, but I still stand for my choice.
I joined «1812 year» team on its second anniversary and hope to celebrate many oncoming birthdays of this wonderful group».


Sergey Nikolaevich Pletnyov

Native of St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Sergey lived mainly in this city for the whole life. He is a graduate of St. Petersburg State University (1975, geography major) and works as a marine traffic specialist.
On occasion, Sergey was employed abroad in Cabot-Werde (Western Africa, 1982) and Finland (1991). Sergey is married, his extended family includes his favorite granddaughter. Sergey’s hobbies are military leaders of 1812 campaign, fine arts, autos, military and civil decorations.


Ivan Iluhin

Ivan is a student at Russian State Humanitarian University (RSHU), Department of History of Law and Politics. He chose his political science major because of his personal interest in contemporary Russian politics and high popularity of political science in modern Russia as well. Ivan learned to appreciate the beauty of military uniform already in his childhood.
Later, his interest transformed into detailed study of Napoleon wars and French military uniform of the same imperial period.


Alexander Podmazo

Alexander was born on June 25, 1967. He holds an engineering degree. Alexander developed his Napoleon war hobby in 1981. He collects post stamps, military and civil decorations and post cards dedicated to Napoleon epoch. Alexander is an expert in history of Russian army and its uniform as well as in biography study of Russian military leaders. In 1997, he published a handbook on chiefs and commanders of regiments of Russian army in 1796-1815. At the present time, Alexander works on «1812 Encyclopedia» and «Chronology of 1812-1814 war and 1815 military campaign».


Annette Kavanaugh

Born in Camden, New Jersey (U.S.A.) and have lived on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States, and on several of its great rivers. I studied mathematics at the University of Chicago and the University of Minnesota. I am a writer and artist, and currently work as a technical writer and programmer. Since age 14 I have had a strong interest in Russian culture and history. I first learned about the year 1812 through L. N. Tolstoy's epic novel «War and Peace», which it now have the pleasure of reading in the original. I am interested in military history, history of technology, and the literature of the first half of the nineteenth century.


Arthur Popov

«My professional background is quite diverse and stretches from information systems to chemistry (I actually posses advanced degrees in both areas). Thus my participation in «Year 1812» web site is entirely amateur level hobby, some kind of an extension and stretch over of my long time interest in modern warfare and military and naval history. Nevertheless, I consider my modest part of the above project as a tribute to the memory of my Russian ancestors.»


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