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Russian arms and armor.
Fragment of History exhibition.

istory Department illustrates political and economic history of the Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery of the 14th - 17th century displaying authentic materials and copies. The Architecture Department illustrates history of the architectural ensemble. The models of the Monastery ensemble show the steps of its development. The authentic drawings, plans, architectural fragments of the unique restoration of the 15th - 17th century monuments.

Recently the Museum has paid great attention to archaeology research and local history. Annual archaeological expeditions and surveys are carried out in the District. Interesting material excavated in Kikino, "Zamostje-1" and "Zamostje-2" settlements is preserved in the Museum collection. In 1997 the Museum organized the International Archaeological Conference "Stone Age of European Plains".
In September 1998 the Local History Department was opened. It shows local history of the 19th - 20th centuries. Regular exhibitions are organized here. They are dedicated to outstanding scientists, culture and art personalities connected with Sergiev Posad.

The collection of the 20th century figurative art has been recently formed in the Museum. It consists of pictures, sketches, original drawings and prints of the Sergiev Posad artists and works dedicated to the town and its eternal symbol Lavra by famous artists (Yuon, Kravchenko, Osmerkin, Mavrina).
The varied museum collections also comprise rare books and memorial materials.

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