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Exhibition "The Wold of Pasternak".
March-April 00.

very year the Museum organizes temporary exhibitions from its funds, exhibitions in cooperation with other museums and institutions, solo and group exhibitions of painters and applied artists. There are regularly displayed new acquisitions of folk art, icon-painting, the 17th - 19th century Russian art; restored items, archaeological finds.

Exhibitions scheduled for 2000.

1. Exhibition "Old Russian Wedding".
February 4 - May 28;

2. Exhibition "Carved Icons: Tradition and Present Situation". For 2000 years of the Nativity of Christ.
February 15 - September 24;

3. Exhibition "The World of Pasternak".
March 3 - April 30;

4. Exhibition of Vyacheslav Artemov. Painting.
March 17 - April 30

5. Exhibition "St. Sergius of Radonezh and the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra" Lithographs.
April 20 - December 30;

6. Exhibition "Zagorsk during the Great Patriotic War".
May 9 - November 26;

7. Exhibition of Zhilinskys. Painting, sculpture.
May 18 - October 1.

8. Exhibition of the Horse -Breeding Museum.
June 18 - September 3;
9. Exhibition "The Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra and Russia. 18th - Early 20th centuries. Medals, Events, People". For 2000 years of the Nativity of Christ.
July 18 - December 10;

10. Exhibition "A Man of Russian Dream. Savva Mamontov. Life and Destiny".
September 15 - November 12;

11. Jubilee Exhibition of Valery Secret. Painting, engraving.
October 13 - December 3;

12. Exhibition ""Autumn Salon - 2000". Painting, engraving.
November 24 - December 24.

Traveling exhibitions:

1. Russian Folk Art. Carving and painting in wood, folk costumes, head-dresses, objects of everyday life.
2. Contemporary Applied and Decorative Art. Handicrafts and artistic industry of Russia.

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