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Russian Art of the 18th - Early 20th cc.

The 18th century carriage. There is a legend that it was presented by Emperor Paul to the Vicegerent of the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra Metropolitan Platon.

he display "Russian Art of the 18th - Early 20th Century" presents different arts which developed since ancient ties or appeared in the 18th century. The greater part of the exhibits came from the churches, the Lavra sacristy, from the vicegerent chambers and country residences. But the Museum has supplemented the basic collection with engravings, articles of porcelain, glass, silver. The collection of the New Time comprises icons, icon and ornamental embroideries, books, church utensils of precious metals and stones, as well as, paintings, engravings, pieces of furniture.

J.B. Piranesi. Sheets from the album "Views of Rome". 1748 - 1778. Views of the Churches and Traiana Column on Quirinale. 1762.

The works of the well-known engravers - brothers Ivan and Alexei Zubov are displayed. The collection of Russian engraving is completed with works of Italian masters: fragments of the album "Views of Rome" by celebrated J.B. Piranesi and "Views of Moscow of the Late 18th Century" by F. Camporesi.

Gala Hall. Interior.

The gala hall of the former vicegerent chambers is decorated with portraits painted by the leading Russian artist of the 18th century A.P. Antropov. There are also luxurious vestments of brocade embellished with pearl embroidery and precious stones. Some of them were ordered by Empress Catherine II and Moscow Metropolitan Platon.

Collection of silver.

Jewelry art is represented by chased Gospel covers decorated with precious stones and enamel; silver, gilded and pearl icon mountings, silver vessels. (0013a.jpg) In 1997 more exhibits were added including works of Faberge firm, Gardner, Popov and Kuznetsov porcelain.

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