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Old Russian Painting of the 14th - 17th cc.

Old Russian Painting.
14th - 17th century. Display.

he Display demonstrates the collection of icons which were donations to the Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery, works of local icon-painting workshop, icons from the closed Moscow Region parish churches, Museum acquisitions (the collection, comprising about 400 icons in 1920, now amounts to 1200 icons). The unique specimens of the 14th century are "The Virgin Peribleptos", painted by a Greek icon-painter, and "St. Anna with Child Mary" of South Slavonic origin.

Icon. The Petrovskaya Virgin. 15th century.

The Museum presents icons of Andrei Rublev's time ("The Royal Doors" from the iconostasis of the Trinity Cathedral, "The Old Testament Trinity, etc.), icons of Dionysius's time (St. Barbara the Great Martyr", "The Crucifixion with Interceding"), icons painted by the artists of the Armory Chamber of Moscow Kremlin and the Trinity icon-painters.

Simon Ushakov. The Virgin of Vladimir. 1676.

There are also unique specimens ("The Last Supper", "St. John the Theologian", "St. Nikon of Radonezh"), painted by the 17th century artist Simon Ushakov who initiated new features in icon-painting.

Icons of the Feasts Range from the Church of Slotino Village. 17th c.

The icons from the Feast Tier of Slotino, displayed in the process of restoration, demonstrate the work of contemporary restorers.

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