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Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art
Informative and lively site by the Chicago-based non-profit organization Since 1945, Chicago artists and collectors have demonstrated a continuing interest in outsider art, perhaps due in part to their sense of being "outsiders" in relation to the New York art community. These early artists and collectors demonstrated an awareness and appreciation of the work of untrained artists, many of whom were rural African-Americans, eccentrics, isolates, compulsive visionaries, or the mentally ill. However, their enthusiasm was not shared by the established institutions of the art world.

The international journal of visionary and intuitive art. Sample articles from their beautifully produced magazine.
RAW VISION magazine is going from strength to strength. Founded over seven years ago as a low budget twice-yearly journal it has now developed into a fully fledged, full colour, quarterly publication with an ever increasing subscription base. Shop sales in Britain and the USA continue to rise and it now sells in Japan and produces a French language edition.

Liz Parkinson is known in Australia as an Outsider artist. Her work is done in Indian ink, colored ink, poster paint or felt-tip pen on paper. She has been doing her style of work for about 25 years, while doing other things as well. She has travelled the world and worked as a high school teacher (she's an economics graduate). After disillusionment with the teaching life, she became a silversmith, environmentalist and author.

The proprietors of the Fat Cat Folk Art Gallery say they trying to get a better camera, which is certainly needed, but it's worth a visit in the meantime. There is some offbeat stuff here, as well as a long discussion about labeling.

Virtual Museum of Russian Primitive - in this house never ever lived and never ever worked any great artist.

the ot-art collection which is higly specialised in naive and outsider art. The collection counts more than 2.000 paintings, drawings, graphics, collages and sculptures.

The mission of Art Against Depression and Anxiety (Art-A-DAY), a non-profit, non-government organization from Belgrade, Yugoslavia is to provide spiritual, educational, and marketing support to art creation of people who suffer from developmental and adjustment-related problems.

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