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   Currently the former Soviet Union is lacking organizations and persons who collect and analyze art production in the field of Outsider Art.
Samples of Outsider Art may be found in collections of psychopathological expression or Naive Art. We would like to mention the following centers searching phenomena close to Outsider Art:

  • "Filantrop" firm (with Alexandre Ivanov leading the "Equilibrium" art project).
    The collection "Equilibrium" includes art works created by disabled artists (amateurs and professionals as well).

  • Russian Naive Art Collection of K.Bogemskaia & A.Turchin
    The collection was formed by K.Bogemskaia, one of the leading Russian specialists in naive art.

  • "Family Cub" ("New Possibilities" organization) (leading by N.Levina) Organization was created to work with mentally ill children.

  • Art-Therapy Association (leading by A.Kopytin, editor of "Healing Art" magazine.
    The Association works actively in the field of art therapy, arranges international conferences, holds art exhibitions and publishes the magazine.

  • Art-therapy Center, PH №1 (n.a. Kashtenko) (art instructor - A.Birukov)
    Art Studio was founded to provide art therapy process coordinated by professional artists.

  • The Crimean Center of Art Therapy (leading by V.Samokhvalov, O.Petrovskaia, D.Filov)
    The center was founded as a result of joint efforts of artists and psychiatrists. There are some artists working in the center whose works may be considered as Outsider Art.

  • "Horizons of Alternative Consciousness" Art project (leading by H.Goncharova), RPH №1
    This perspective project is oriented on studying art production in the framework of art therapy and on collecting of art works.

  • "INYE" Art project/Collection (presented by V.Gavrilov)
    Since 1997 the project has been successfully developing. As a result of this development a collection of psychopathological expression was formed in Yaroslavl. The collection includes very interesting samples of Outsider art.

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