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As any person dreams about harmony he constantly tries to organize; space round him in accordance with his own, individual idea of the perfect world. Some "eccentric people", "strangers" devote the years or decades of their life to creation of environments close to their ideals of "space cover" of their existence.

   Their monumental works can not be identified as a definite kind of art These micro-galactics can include elements of architectural constructions sculptures, installations, park constructions and other objects unified b> the idea of the author-dreamer.

   Usually authors of such spaces belong to the category of outsider artists. Their desire to contrive an alternative world is so tense that they can not reject creating it. Fantastic objects representing some complete structure can't exist as autonomous art works. A complicated structure surrendered to the author's idea is not to be intruded from the outside; it creates a borderline that shows our place - we are only guests there. However, there are hosts who invite to their realms telling numerous stories to their guests. Their conscious is quite naive; Visionary Environment for them is a way to impress their life philosophy and their attitude to reality. They do not need a defense from external influence but only adequate self-expression.

   Visionary Environment is a solution of the problems caused by the interaction of the author and the reality. That is a miracle for us, a strange labyrinth where one can easily get lost. The most interesting examples of Visionary Environment are the following: Le Palais Ideal (France) by the postman Ferdinand Chevale, Nek Chand's Rock Garden in Chandigarh (Northern India), The Watts Towers (USA) By Simon Rodia, Shell Garden (Great Britain) by George Howard, The Temple of Kindness on the Earth (Bulgaria) by Todor Todorov, Home Museum of Wooden Sculptures (Russia) by Alexei Rudov, etc.

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