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Copies and interpretations

Kuplin À.

Ninth Wave. 1980-iås

After I.K.Aivazovsky’s painting by the same title
Oil on wood-vinyl board. 57 õ 74

Museum of the Outsiders’ Art

Panova Evdokiya Vasilievna. 1907-1997. Vologda region

À.S.Pushkin. 1983
After the photograph of the monument to A.S.Pushkin in Tsarskoye Selo (1900, sculptor R.R.Bakh)

Textile, weaving, embroidering. 76 õ 63

Cherepovets Museum

Pichugin Aleksey Gavrilovich. 1909-1999. Yaroslavl’ region

The Last Day of Pompeii. 1981
After K.P.Bryullov’s painting of the same name

Painted wood, carving. 81,5 õ 102 õ 8

Museum «Tsaritsyno»

Runge Theodor Maximillianovich. 1906-1997. Tula region

À.S.Pushkin and Å.Ê.Vorontsova. 1992
After P.F.Sokolov’s water-colour «Blue Dining-room in Stiegliz House in St.Petersburg»

Oil on cardboard. 67 õ 82

Museum «Tsaritsyno»

Shibaev Vladimir (Avarra)

Italian Woman Picking up the Grapes (Italian Noon). 1992 Italian Woman Picking up the Grapes (Italian Noon). 1992
After K.P.Bryullov’s painting

Oil on canvas. 80 õ 74

Museum of the Outsiders’ Art

Unknown artist of the first half of the XX century

Istanbul. 1922
Presumably after the lithograph with the view of Istanbul

Oil on wood. 55 õ 66,5

Museum «Tsaritsyno»

Unknown artist of the second half of the XX century

Nude at the River. 1980
After S.Botticelli’s «Venus Birth»

Oil on canvas. 79 õ 56,5

Private collection



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