The Last Day of Pompeii. 1981<br>After K.P.Bryullov’s painting of the same name

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Pichugin Aleksey Gavrilovich. 1909-1999. Yaroslavl’ region

Born in Vladimir province in the peasants family. Worked since the age of 14 at the glass manufacture, finished «rabfak» (faculty for workers), was a correspondent of «Krest’yanskaya gazeta» («Peasants’ Newspaper»), since 1932 started to work as a teacher at the rural school. Gone to the war, was captured, after liberation went to the war again. After the victory was a school head-master, in 1950-56 was imprisoned, after rehabilitation continued his work as a school head-master, as a teacher of Russian and Literature, of Handicrafts, founded a workshop, where he taught wood-carving. When retired in 1969, he spent all his time on carving polychrome wooden relieves, with which he decorated all the walls in his house. Among the works of Pichugin prevail the authorised copies of classical Russian and Western painting, which he could see in the reproductions, as well as original compositions: illustrations to fiction and still-life with flowers.

The Last Day of Pompeii. 1981
After K.P.Bryullov’s painting of the same name

Painted wood, carving. 81,5 ő 102 ő 8

Museum «Tsaritsyno»
Inv. ĘĎ-9257