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Primitive art of the XVIII-XIX centuries

G r a p h i c s
 1. Album sketches and graphics
 2. Lubok
 3. Drawn lubok

Pa i n t i n g
 4. Noblemen's portraits
 5. Merchants' portraits
 6. Children's portraits
 7. Conversation pieces
 8. Landscape
 9. Icon painting, religious
and allegorical painting

Naive art of the XX century

 1. Space
 2. Beginning and end
 3. Motherland
 4. Abundance
 5. Feast
 6. Hero
 7. Love
 8. Protobeast
 9. Soviet myth
 10. Copies and interpretations

   The works inside the catalogue are listed in the alphabetic order of the author's names. The works of the unknown artists are listed in the chronological order. Subject lists of works are available (see the list of subjects on the left) as well as various searching tools (via "search" window): by author, title, material, technique, collection (to search by collection it is recommended to use the list of abbreviations).
   The works lacking the author's or any documentary notes are dated approximately using stylistic and iconographic identification. In the explications of the icons given are the signatures, dates and inscriptions containing historical data on both fore- and reverse sides of the works. In the explications of the paintings, album drawings and graphic works all the signatures, dates and inscriptions are mentioned. In case of quoting the Holy Bible or the inscription being a copy of the text on the engraving the source of the quotation is marked. In the explications of the drawn luboks the signatures, dates, the first and the last lines of the text and total amount of lines are listed. In the explications of the engraved luboks listed are all hand-written inscriptions, signatures and dates, title, total amount of lines of the annotations, date of the censor's approval and censor's name. All inscriptions are given in the original spelling. For technical reasons the words and digits originally spelled in the Church-Slavonic alphabet are replaced by their contemporary analogues in Latin or Cyrillic charachters without diacritic marks (letter "yat'" is replaced by "b", letter "fita" is replaced by "Q"), out-line letters are typed within the line; captures in the text are marked by <...>

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