«1812 year» virtual museum-project began on January 28, 1998, when Oleg Poliakov, programmer interested in history, placed in Internet a well-known work of Eugene Tarle «Napoleon» accompanied by some relevant illustrations. Original project consisted of very few books only and was supported for free by one of private servers. However, when the size of the project files exceeded 10 MB (summer 1998), it was relocated to «Museums of Russia» site with much better technical capabilities. Since this time several enthusiasts (see «Contributors» section) joined Oleg Poliakov and formed the present project team. Project continued its steady growth and its volume reached 175 MB mark in 2000 (4000+ files) and went above 400 MB in 2001 (8500 + files).

English version of the project became available since 1999.

Currently the project includes the following sections:

Edited by Arthur Popov.
1999-2001, Internet-project «1812 year».
Please send the messages about the noticed mistakes, inaccuracies, your proposals and suggestions to the address: 1812year@mail.ru.