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This page includes a collection of on-line museums and other World Wide Web services connected with museums in Russia.

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The museums in this list are given in alphabetical order.

  1. "Transsib Historical" Photographic Gallery (Russian)
  2. A. A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum
  3. A. M. Gorkyi Literary-Memorial Museum (Russian)
  4. A.N.Skryabin Museum
  5. ABC cover - art offis
    Exhibition -paiting oil Igor Contrabas, virtual drawing Sergei Bobrob, virtual drawing Victor Alexeev.
  6. Abramtzevo Training College
    Paintings of Irina Ivanova and Elizaveta Nevinnaia and also link's page, where the information on other Abramtsevo the artists.
  7. AGE Fine Arts
    20th Century Russian ART: Hidden Treasures. Painting of the Leningrad School from private collections. Framing service. Links.
  8. Air Force Museum at Monino (Russia)
    You can see the one hundred way of development of Russian Aircraft. More than 160 pictures of flying machines with it descriptions.
  9. * Aleksander Palace
    Aleksander Palace Exposition in Tzarskoe Selo.
  10. Aleksandr Khodakov Exhibition of Photographs (Russian)
  11. Aleksandr Orlov's Exhibition (Photographs) (Russian)
  12. Alexander Pilipenko art workshop (Russian)
  13. Alexander Popov: Russia's Radio Pioneer
    Some pages of the text telling about the great Russian inventor Alexander Popov. And also information about Popov-Marconi Forum. English only.
  14. Alexandr Gorbunov's Exhibition (Russian)
  15. All Helicopters of the World (Russian)
  16. All Russians Appayed and Folks Art Museum
  17. * All russians Pushkin museum (Russian)
    A beautiful site about the biggest repository of relics, books and works of art from Pushkin's life.
  18. Alms-house of count N. Sheremetev
  19. Altai State Regional Studies Museum
  20. Ancien history Culture and Art of Northen Asia
    Virtual museum about ancient art of the Siberia and Russian Far East
  21. * Ancient Art of Siberia (Russian)
  22. Andrei Rubliov Museum of Early Russian Art
    About the museum and four famous pictures.
  23. Andrew Khanov gallery "Stories of the star sky" (Russian)
  24. Andrey Tarcovsky (Russian)
  25. * Anna Akhmatova and his Things World (Russian)
    This is a guide-page of the museum of Anna Akhmatova, which tells about her refined nature and shows some fragments of the museum's exposition.
  26. Anna Akhmatova Museum at Fountain House
    Information about The Anna Akhmatova Museum at Fountain House and electronic catalogue "Anna Akhmatova in portraits by her contemporaries".
  27. * Anna Akhmatova Museum in Fountain House (Russian)
  28. Antialcogol Poster Gallery (Russian)
  29. * Archaeological Museum of the Kazan State University
    Archaeological museum of the Kazan State University is one of the largest and oldest museums of such kind. An exposition of the museum total has 4 thousand exhibits and reflects a history and archaeology of the Volga-Kama basin. The largest collections of the museum are instruments of a stone age, collections of Ananino culture wares from the, medieval monuments of the Volga and Ural regions. Museum possesses a number of unique materials such as materials of the Turaevo cemetery with the burial mounds of the Vth century A.D., Bolshe-Tigansky cemetery of the ancient madiars, Bolshe-Tarhansky cemetery of the early bolgars, collections from Siberia, Middle Asia, Northern Caucases, and also archaeological materials from Switzerland, Ancient Greek and Roman colones.
  30. Archaeological Museum of Voronezh State University
    Archaeological artifacts from the Bronze & Iron Ages & Medieval sites of the Southeastern Europe are present.
  31. * Archaeological Museum-Preserv "Tanais" (Russian)
    The history of surprising ancient city, on which place now places largest in Russia a museum-reserve Tanais.
  32. Architectural and Ethnographical Museum "Khokhlovka" (Russian)
  33. Art (Russian)
  34. Art Gallery (Russian)
    Vitual Club Art-gallery. Artists, paintors,jewellers an others. Article photos.
  35. Art Gallery "20th Century"
    20th Century Russian realist and impressionist paintings from the Leningrad School (1920-1980): portrait, kandscape, still life, marine, ganre, cityscape. 150 known russian artists, include: RUSSOV, TIMKOV, OVCHINNIKOV, SAMOKHVALOV, OSIPOV, MAEVSKY, BAZHENOV, ALBERTI, AFONINA, FRENTZ, GALAKHOV and other. Russian Artists Biography Database. The memoirs of contemporaries. Framing services. English and russian versions.
  36. Art Gallery "Stalker"
  37. Art Gallery of Novosibirsk
  38. Art Gallery of the Painter Vladimir Zunuzin
    Vladimir Zunuzin was born by Moskow (Zhukovsky). He is a partisipant of many All-Union, republic, regional and international exhibitions. The painter's works are saved by the Regional Arts museum in Ulyanovsk and by private collections of USA, France, Italy, Germany, Canada and other countries. Vladimir Zunuzin is a member of Painters Union of Russia. The painter has more than 1000 works.
  39. Art Gallery of the Painter Vladimir Zunuzin
    Vladimir Zunuzin was born by Moskow (Zhukovsky). He is a partisipant of many All-Union, republic, regional and international exhibitions. The painter's works are saved by the Regional Arts museum in Ulyanovsk and by private collections of USA, France, Italy, Germany, Canada and other countries. Vladimir Zunuzin is a member of Painters Union of Russia. The painter has more than 1000 works.
  40. Art Gallery: works of jewellers and artists (Russian)
    Here You can see works of artists, jewellers and also decorative and applied art. Collection Bracket clock.
  41. Art Library of the State Russian Museum
  42. Art of Mikhail Vrubel (Virtual Gallery)
    On this page one can find the biggest collection of paintings by Mikhail Vrubel on the Net.
  43. Art of museum
  44. Art-gallery of Valeriy Oktyabr
    The famous painter Valeriy Oktyabr works in the genre of landscape, portrain and composition. The main source of his creative activity is the nature of Altai. Following the vangquard trends and the style of new romanticism, he sees the Altai nature in a rather peculiar way, adding a cosmic sounding to his pictures.The original manner of painting attracts attention of many countrymen and connoisseurs of art from abroad. They can be found in many houses of Altai, Siberia, Canada, the USA, France, Gemany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan.
  45. ARTHOUSE Leo Stepanov's virtual gallery
    Site is made by the artist Leo Stepanov, recognized magazine KompuArt (russian) by the best computer artist for 1998. Installations, paint, actions, performanses, digital art, exhibitions.
  46. ARTTICA - gallery of modern russian Art
  47. Astrahan State Union Historical-Architectural Museum-Preserv (Russian)
  48. Astrahanskaya State Picture Gallery (Russian)
  49. Avtoexzotica-99
  50. Azov Museum of Regional Studies (Russian)
  51. Baikal Fauna Museum named after M.M.Kozhov (Russian)
    Small information about the museum.
  52. Birch Bark Art from Siberia
    Here you will learn some facts about birch, see several examples of original Siberian birch-bark art, get some information about a small circle of Russian artists from Novosibirsk.
  53. Boatanchors in Russia
    Old radiosets personal collection
  54. Book Museum by Russian State Library (Russian)
    Concise story about content museum exposition.
  55. Botanic Garden of Irkutsk State University
  56. Bread Mseum of S.Peterburg (Russian)
    Splendid museum guide. You can see the history of life and manners of our ancestors by means of bread.
  57. Bruno Pontecorv's Memorial Page
  58. Bryansk machinery works museum
    125-years history of one of the largest Russian machinery manufacturer. Historical and modern steam and diesel locomotives, engines, another machines, epoch-making occurences and marvellous persons.
  59. Center and Museum "V.S.Visotsky Home" (Russian)
  60. Central Museum of Railway Transport
  61. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" (S.-Peterburg)
  62. Central House of Aviation and Cosmonautics
    Exposition of the Museum is about history of making and development of aviation and astronautics in Russia.
  63. Central Lenin Museum
  64. Central Museum of Old Russian Culture and Art by A.Rublev (Russian)
    This site is about not so old Museum of Andrey Rublev, which situated in Spaso-Androniks Monastery. A. Rublev lived in this Monastery during last years of his life and was bury there.
  65. Central Naval Museum
    Located in the historical building of the Stock-Exchange, designed by architect T. de Thomon; constructed in the beginning of the XIX century. The world's largest naval museum, founded in 1709. The museum numbers over 800 000 items: "the grandfather of t he Russian Navy" - the old boat of Peter the Great, models of vessels, examples of armaments and military machinery, marines.
  66. Central Naval Museum
    The Model Chamber was founded by Peter the Great in 1709. Now here you can see 2'000 models of vessels, warships and aviations. There is a rich collection of fine arts, paintings & sculpture of famous Russian and foreign artists. The collection of the speciments of arms, naval equipment and skiping instruments, archive documents, photographies, uniformes, colours and banners contains rare ones.
  67. Cheliabinsk Oblast Regional Studies Museum (Russian)
    History of a museum, list of his collections. The description of collections, photo of some exhibits.
  68. Chelyabinsk Region Picture Gallery
    Chelyabinsk Region Picture Gallery presents the Art museum of the universal classical type in terms of its character and the content of its collection and activity. The collection of the Picture gallery comprises more than 11 thousand of pieces of painting, sculpture, drawing, decorative and applied arts and crafts, including house architectural wooden carving of old Chelyabinsk. Here we can find the following collections: arts of Europe and the West, Russian art of Middle Ages, the art of the New and the Newest time, modern art.
  69. Children's art school N 8 (Russian)
    Help information about school and Exhibition hall, in which you will find figures of fantastic animals, berds and applique works.
  70. Chuvash State Art Museum (Russian)
    Offical site of Chuvash State Art Museum. Consist brief history of museum, description of main departments, database with hundreds of pictures (from famous russian painter Rokotov to early soviet avantgardist Falk!) with search engine. The biggest info resource about chuvash national art!
  71. City of Masters
    The City of Masters is a city of writers and poets, artists and designers, musicians and composers, theatres and museums etc.
  72. Colours of the Earth. Internet Gallery of a Children's figure (Russian)
  73. Computer Art Museum (Russian)
  74. Comunication History Museum (Russian)
  75. Creative Museum by Natalia Petrova (Russian)
  76. Creativity and Life of GULAG. Museum of International Society "Memorial" (Russian)
  77. Creativity of the Unknown Authors (Russian)
  78. Culture and Art of Ancient Egypt (Russian)
  79. Culture and Art Oryol Region (Russian)
  80. D.V.Nefedov's Gallery of Antiques
  81. Design Studio ASK vernisage (Russian)
    Virtual art exhibition of Design Studio ASK
  82. Diamond fund of Russia (Russian)
  83. Disks Cover Museum (Russian)
    The fun private story about disks covers with show of the exhibits.
  84. Divnogorie Historical and Archaeological Museum-Estate (Russian)
    The small story about reserve, photo of the most interesting and beautiful places of reserve.
  85. Dmitry Aleshko Exhebition Works (Russian)
    Dmitry Aleshko virtual exhibition of the original photographs.
  86. Dokuchaev Central Soil Museum (Russian)
  87. * Dyatkov Cut-Glass Plant
    Exhibits on a rare collection from the Dyatkov Cut-Glass Plant, which produced special services for the Kremlin, cups for championships, artistic cup-glasses from crystal glasses and many other things.
  88. Eastern Siberia Agrology Museum (Russian)
    Small information about the museum.
  89. Ecophoto wild nature photo image archive (Russian)
  90. Educational Art Museum of Cast named after I.V.Zvetaev (Russian)
  91. Electronic opening day Three Lines (Russian)
  92. Elena Uralov's Mini-Museum (Russian)
  93. Elezk Regional Studies Museum (Russian)
  94. Engelsk Regional Studies Museum (Russian)
  95. Eniseisk Regional Stadies Museum (Russian)
  96. Ethnographic Museums of Kazan State University (Russian)
  97. * Everything about Vladimir Vysotsky. Official V.S.Vysotsky Foundation Site.
    Dedicated to educating people about and preserving the heritage of this famous Soviet bard and actor. Contains audio, texts (songs, poems, prose), chords, biography, his work in cinema and theatre, articles, photographs and more - over 2,000 pages of information.
  98. * Exebition of Soviet Orders and Medals (Russian)
    You can see the exhibit of orders and medals - sighns of courage and labour heroism of the great country - The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Descriptions and pictures of 52 orders and medals castings from bronse, silver and gold.
  99. Exhibition "The Beauty of Ideas of Leonid Borisov"
    On the St. Petersburg artistic stage the creative work of Leonid Borisov occupies a special if not an exclusive place. In his love to geometrical abstraction he has reached such areas, where nobody else dwells.
  100. Exhibition "The Star Named Yulia Ivanova"
    In Russia there are not yet disappeared the souls which trust, that the art is a Temple and its air is sacred. Yulia Ivanova is just such an artist. In our Leningrad painting Yulia Ivanova - a Star. Solomon Rossin, 1989
  101. Exhibition "Vladimir Zhukov Icon-Painter of XXIst Century"
    In one of the recent interviews Andrei Voznesensky noticed, that in Russia there are no modern churches, and all our problems, probably, reveal themselves because of the fact that contemporary God does not hear us. I then has recollect an artist Vladimir Zhukov who builds his modern Temple - he paints icons of XXIst century.
  102. Exhibition centre Raduga (Russian)
  103. Exhibition of paintings (Russian)
  104. F.M.Dostoevsky House and Museum in Staraya Russa (Russian)
  105. * Faberge Easter Eggs
    A beautiful exhibition of Faberge Easter Eggs from the Kremlin Museum Collection.
  106. Family Museum of Birch-bark (Russian)
  107. Famous Russian Paintings
  108. * Far ast Art Museum
    The Far-Eastern Museum of Fine Arts is the biggest Russian state-owned collection of the works of fine art located in the western part of the Pacific region. Set up in 1931 with various donations from the store-rooms of the State Tretiakov's Gallery, State Russian Museum, State Hermitage, State Historical Museum, Pushkin's State Museum of Fine Arts, and the best other home collections the Museum of Fine Arts in the city of Khabarovsk has immediately become the center of the city's cultural life.
  109. * Fersman Mineralogical Museum RAS
  110. Fine Art Museum of Surgut
  111. Fine Arts Gallery "AVRORA"
    20th Century Russian realist and impressionist paintings of the Leningrad School from private collections. Artworks of 150 known artists include L.Russov, T.Afonina, A.Samokhvalov, P.Alberti, U.Neprintcev, N.Timkov, S.Osipov, D.Maevsky, V.Ovchinnikov, V.Chekalov, M.Kopitceva and other. Russian Artists Biography Database. Museum-quality Frames. Manufacture by samples of 19th Century with delivery. Link page. English and russian versions.
  112. Fiodor Ivanovich Shalyapin and Russian Classic Opera (Russian)
  113. First Virtual Zoological Museum (Russian)
  114. From Impressionism to Vanguard
  115. * Fyodor Dostoyevsky Literary and Memorial Museum (Russian)
  116. Fyodor Dostoyevsky Memorial Museum (Russian)
  117. G.V.Chicherin House and Museum (Russian)
  118. Gallery "LIK"
    The group "Lik" unites artists who work in different genres and trends. Such as realism painting, art design and graphic art. A union of such a mix of styles reflects the condition of national art of the nineties.
  119. Gallery "The Artists of Altai"
    We represent you GALLERY "The Artists of Altai" - famous and unfamiliar artists, sculptors, carvers on tree and stone, which presently live and create the products on Altai. In their works of a mountain and people, nature and city. In their works long ago gone, stayed in memory. In their works contemporaneity, that will see, by looking out in a window. In their works by eternal, unchangeable ages and millenniums.
  120. Gallery of a children's figure " Children in the Internet " (Russian)
    The virtual gallery of a children's figure "Children in the Internet" will allow you to plunge into the magic world of children's creativity. You will see amusing and not till serious operations of the small artists: painting, graphics, computer graphics, word-graphics. And also childrens , corner of the parent, information for the sponsors and reference to children's resources Internet.
  121. Gallery of Gavrilyukov N.N.
    Virtual gallery of contemporary Fine Art from Russia: painting (oil, watercolor), brutal design.
  122. Gallery of Igor Koloskov
    We present the key works of Moscow artist, restorer and teacher Igor Koloskov. There are painting, sculpture, fresco, illustration, engraving.
  123. Gallery of V.G.Nikonov (Russian)
  124. Gallery of Vinnichiny Sights (Russian)
  125. Gallery Ship On Chain
  126. Gallety of Novgorod the Great (Russian)
  127. Gatchina Ensemble of Palaces and Gardens
  128. Gatchina Palace
  129. Golden Ring of Russia (Russian)
    The virtual guide around the Russian Golden Ring of 15 towns towards the west from Moscow. The beauty of the ancient Vladimir ,Kostroma, Murom, the everlasting value of their historical and architectural monuments, the gilded domes of the cathedrals, their forests and fields ... the cradle of Russian culture.
  130. Grafika of A.Andreev Exhibition
  131. * Great Inventor Leonardo da Vinchi (Russian)
  132. Great Masters (Russian)
  133. Guide to Mamayev Kurgan
  134. Habarovsk Region Museum of Regional Studies named after N.I.Grodekov (Russian)
    The story about a museum, his founder, direction of activity and museum exhibits.
  135. Harley-Davidson: History of Birth and Life of the Motorcycle Legend (Russian)
  136. Hieroglyph - Gallery of Visual Art (Russian)
  137. Histirocal Museum of Vax Vigure (Russian)
  138. Historical and Architectural Monuments of Sviyazhska (Russian)
  139. Historical Monuments of Pskov (Russian)
  140. History of Mogilev (Russian)
  141. History of Moscow University (Russian)
  142. History of the battleships (Russian)
  143. * Home to the Czars
    An interesting tour of 12 halls devoted to Romanov's dynasty. There are about 20 pictures.
  144. Horse Keeping Museum (Russian)
    Colorfull page about the Museum of Horse-breeding and not so much about Museum of Fishing and Hunting.
  145. House and Museum of A.P.Chekhov (Russian)
    Small story about the museum.
  146. House and Museum of K.S.Stanislavsky (Russian)
  147. House and Museum of M.N.Ermolova (Russian)
  148. House and Museum of Peter I (Russian)
  149. House-Museum of P.I.Tchaikovsky (Russian)
  150. Ian Shestovsky Painting (Russian)
  151. Iconographic subjects guide the Apocalypse in the Trinity Cathedral in Pereslavl-Zalessky in Internet network
    The Apocalypse is one the most mysterious and popular books in Christianity. In Byzantine-Russian art the subject of Apocalypse was seldom used. In Russia the most significant monument of art on this subject is mural painting in the Trinity Cathedral in Pereslavl-Zalessky which was executed pending the end of the world (1662-1668). The Apocalypse from Pereslavl is interesting both monument of art and iconographical resource. Therefore the authors of project want make that guide, which will introduce the program of this excellent mural painting and will compare it with others famous monuments.
  152. Igor Bourdonov`s Worlds (Russian)
    Private collection of Igor Bourdonov`s water-colours, poetry and texts. Additionally, the collection of cultural life phenomenons to which the author bears a relation: Club "Cellar #1", the village Lipovka etc.
  153. Industry Union "Vostok" Labour Glory Museum (Russian)
  154. International Children's Internet-Gallery (Russian)
  155. Ircutsk Architectural-Etnography Museum "Talzy" (Russian)
  156. Ircutsk State Economy Academy History Museum (Russian)
  157. Irkutsk Art Museum V.P.Sukachev (Russian)
  158. Irkutsk Museum of Regional Studies (Russian)
  159. Irkutsk State Technical University History Museum (Russian)
    Information about the museum.
  160. Ivanovo Museums Page
    Brief discriptions of four Ivanov Museums on one page.
  161. Ivanovo State Museums Society
  162. Ivanovskiy Cotton print Museum (Russian)
  163. Izabelles Bindler Watercolors Gallery
    Izabelles Bindler Watercolors Gallery - Old Vilnius, Landscapes, portraits, Flowers...
  164. K.P.Belov House and Museum (Russian)
  165. Kaluzhskiy Oblast Regional Studies Museum (Russian)
  166. * Karelian State Museum of Regional (Russian)
  167. * Kareliya Museum of the Fine Arts (Russian)
  168. Kemerovo Oblast Fine Arts Museum (Russian)
  169. Khabarovsk Museum of Archaeology named after A.P.Okladnikov (Russian)
  170. Khabarovsk virtual galery
    We are glad to present you Electronic picture gallery from Khabarovsk-city, Far East, Russia. The given gallery includes work of the artists, jewellers, sculptors by Khabarovsk.
  171. Khabarovsk Virtual Vernisage (Russian)
  172. Kharkov Art Museum
    Few information about the history of making the Museum and it's collections.
  173. Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics
    This site is about of the first museum of cosmonautics which opened in 1967 in Kaluga where K.E.Tsiolkovsky lived and worked.
  174. Kremlin of Nizhny Novgorod (Russian)
    This story is about the Kremlin of Nizhny Novgorod, the place from which begining the history of Nizhny Novgorod, about history and architecture
  175. Kurgan Art Gallery
  176. L.A.Kulaev Picture Exhibition (Russian)
    Exebition of Lew Kulaew drawings
  177. Lenin Mausoleum
    Some pictures: constructing mausoleum, Stalin in mausoleum, Post N1, Red Square. Different political and public figure about Lenin (only russian yet).
  178. Lenino-Snegirevskiy Military-Historical Museum (Russian)
  179. Library by Vladimir Visotskiy
    In this library you will be able to get acquainted with 640 poems V.S.Visotskiy. Presently goes a further work on making the new web site pages.
  180. * M.Guelman Gallery
  181. Major attractions of Russia
    In this site you can see the architecture of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kizhi, Palekh and Troitse-Sergiev Lavra.
  182. Mansion of the Prince Kotchubey
  183. Medals, awards, souveniers and not only (Russian)
  184. Memorial A.K.Tolstoy museum in Krasniy Rog (Russian)
  185. Memorial house - museum of academic S.P. Korolev (Russian)
  186. Memorial House and Museum of Academician S.P.Korolev (Russian)
    Small story about the museum and few foto.
  187. Memorial House of Fyidor Shalyapin
  188. Memorial Museum and Guardhouse of Taras Shevchenko (Russian)
  189. Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics
    Some information about the museum, expositions and funds.
  190. * Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics
    A beautifully designed excursion. You can learn a lot of new and interesting information about the exhibits and history of the museum. Also, you can visit The Memorial House of S.P. Korolev.
  191. Memorial Museums of Astronautics
  192. Military and Historical Club (Russian)
  193. Mineralogy Museum named after A.B.Siodorov (Russian)
    Small story about the museum.
  194. Mishkin Folk Ethnographical Museum and Mouse Museum
    Site belongs to city Mishkin, but his(its) major sections are the descriptions of two museums - Mishkin Folk Ethnographical Museum and Mouse Museum. The descriptions were prepared by hisfounder V.A.Grechuhin. And also Photoreporting from an amusing festival "Mouse - 96".
  195. MNOGOPORTRET Art Project
    The project "Mnogoportret (Multiportrait)" is an interactive museum of a definite cultural layer - Moscow intellectual-art environment. He is being created and developed during communications of the author, the heroes and spectators.
  196. Modern Siberian Art Gallery "SibArtNet"
  197. Monastery on Solovki
    The virtual tour to Solovetsky Monastery's land. There are many beautifull pictures of this places.
  198. Moscow Association of Painters "KITOVRAS" (Russian)
  199. Moscow colossus
    Virtual museum of architecture and monument art.
  200. Moscow Fire Guards (Russian)
  201. * Moscow Kremlin
    A very interesting excursion to the one of the biggest museums in the world - Moscow Kremlin. You can see all of the main sights, Russian state regalias, priceless icons, treasures of Russian tsars and many other interesting things.
  202. Moscow Museum and Art Gallery of Russian Impressionism
    Website contains a selection of paintings from our museum colection and pictures which are currently available for sale from our art gallery.
  203. Moscow planetarium
    The Moscow Planetarium is a center of natural sciences popularization. It was established on November 05, 1929. The principal subject of the Planetarium's activity is to read public lectures and implement scientific and artistic programs in astronomy and cosmonautics, to form scientific mentality on the basis of generalized achievements of the modern natural science. In the observatory of the Moscow Planetarium one can watch spots on the Sun, the Moon, planets and other heavenly bodies by means in the telescope.
  204. Moscow State Vadim Sidur Museum (Russian)
    You will get acquainted to a history of creation of a museum, learn about life and creativity of this surprising and very talented artist and skulptor. He independently has created own, only to him the inherent formal language. The artist has passed long path from the first operations made in traditions of classical realism I of century, up to laconic, internal intense "sign" sculpture and "Coffin - art". The excursion on a museum, past and current exhibitions, and also information about " Evenings in the Sidur Museum" is offered to your attention.
  205. * Moscow Zoo
  206. * Municipal Children Gallery "Polluks"
    The server has become the winner of the All-Russia competition "Gold site-98" in section "Children's site". On this pages you can look the electronic version of a Children's International festival "the World and Creativity".
  207. Murat Khalimov's Exhibition (Russian)
  208. Murom Historical and Art Museum (Russian)
  209. Murom Museums (Russian)
  210. Museum "Preodolenie" named after N.A.Ostrovsky (Russian)
  211. Museum and Estate Priutino (Russian)
    Amongst many memorable places, in accordance with the life and creative activity of people, glorified russian culture, visible place occupies this picturesque cozy corner of city Vsevologsk near St.Petersburg.
  212. * Museum - panorama "Borodino Battle"
    This is a beautiful site about the Borodino Battle and the history of the museum.
  213. Museum - panorama "Borodino Battle"
  214. Museum "Echo Last War" (Russian)
  215. Museum "Novodevichiy Monastery" (Russian)
  216. Museum "Pokrovsky Cathedral"
    The small story about the cathedral and the museum.
  217. * Museum about history of armoured cars (Russian)
    An Interesting and Colorfull Museum about history of armoured cars. In this museum collected brevity information about innovatory ideas, projects and decisions of development of armoured cars.
  218. Museum and Estate "Ostankino" (Russian)
  219. Museum and Estate "Ostankino"
  220. * Museum and Society Centre " World, Progress and Peoples Rights" named after Andrey Saharov (Russian)
  221. Museum archaeology of the European NORTHEAST (Russian)
    The Museum Archaeology of the European NORTHEAST forms on to basis of a real Museum archaeology, located in Institute of language, literature and history Komi scientific centre Ural Division the Russian Academy of Sciences. Is in a stage of development. The initiative project. Contains sections: 1. A museum (news, exposition, funds, systematic and thematic the catalogues of collections); 2. Lists and maps all archaeologycal of resources of Komi Republic (thematic maps, maps of areas, common and chronological list all archaeologycal of resources of Komi Republic, lists archaeologycal of resources of Republican and Russian value, the references etc.). Working hours of the server from 9.00 till 17.00 on Moscow Time, excepting holidays, saturday and sunday days.
  222. Museum Belongings and tightness (Russian)
  223. Museum Classical and Modern Art "Burganov-Center" (Russian)
  224. Museum Laboratory of Modern Art Soros's Centre (Russian)
  225. Museum memorial F.I.Tutchev in Ovstug (Russian)
  226. Museum of a History of Development of National Education of Novosibirsk Region (Russian)
  227. Museum of a marine sea Fleet of Russia (Russian)
    " The Museum of a marine sea Fleet of Russia " is created to tell to all people about a history and greatness of Fleet of Russia. In a museum there is a lot of information on a history of fleet, photo, picture and other useful information.
  228. Museum of A.Tarkovsky
    An Interesting information about new museum and some frames from Tarkovsky films.
  229. Museum of antique automobiles and motorcycles inMoscow
  230. Museum of Aviation and Astronautics (Russian)
  231. Museum of Cat (Russian)
  232. Museum of Federal Agency of Governmental Communications and Information for want of President of Russian Federation (Russian)
  233. Museum of Fun (Russian)
  234. Museum of History of Nizhny Novgorod Television Plant Named after V.I.Lenin
  235. * Museum of History of Moscow
    A wonderfull site about one of the oldest Moscow Museums which contains a lot of rare exhibits on revealing the history of Moscow from ancient times until the present.
  236. Museum of History, Architrture and Fine Arts "New Yerusalim" (Russian)
    The story about one of oldest state museums in Moscow region. Here you will find the description of the permanently operating exhibitions. And also contents of various excursion programs.
  237. Museum of hunt and fishing (Russian)
  238. Museum of INTEL Corporation (Russian)
  239. Museum of Moscow subway (Russian)
    Welcome on virtual page which tell us about Moscow Metro (Underground). In future it will be a virtual page with all information about Moscow Metro. But now on this page you can see different kinds of metro vagons.
  240. * Museum of Musical Culture
    This is an excellent site. You can see many rare musical manuscripts, typescripts, instruments from different periods and nations, and also different memorial things.
  241. Museum of National Drawing (Russian)
    Some words about the museum exposition.
  242. Museum of Photo (Russian)
    The task of the authors it site consists in saving and to show the best photooperations of the Russian foremen. All photos are accompanied by the detailed story about the foreman.
  243. Museum of radio by A.S.Popov (Russian)
    Help information about a museum, A.S.Popov biography
  244. Museum of Rare Dolls (Russian)
    New private museum which containes only one collecton - The Y.Vishnevskaya Collection of Dolls.
  245. Museum of Russian Beer's Labels (Russian)
  246. Museum of Russian Fire Guards (Russian)
    Museum of fire engineering, and also miniature of the past.
  247. * Museum of Sailing-Ships (Russian)
    Having visited this virtual museum, you receive magnificent possibility to travel in the world of the sailing-ships. You make excursion in a history of sailing fleet, will get acquainted to units of a construction and sailing-ships types.
  248. Museum of scams and scammers (Russian)
  249. Museum of Soviet Calculators
    This site acquaints with a collection of the Soviet calculators. Here you will find the pictures and descriptions of some of them.
  250. Museum of Submarines (Russian)
  251. Museum of Typefaces (Russian)
  252. Museum of Urban Sculpture (Russian)
    Help information about a museum, photos and brief description of a collection, excursion on an exhibition hall, story about memorial boards and monuments taking place in support of a museum, and also item of information on branch of a museum.
  253. Museum of V.S.Vysotsky (Russian)
  254. Museum of World Ocean (Russian)
  255. * Museum Reserv "Kolomenskoye"
  256. Museum-Estate "Abramzevo" (Russian)
    The story about estete and arts; estate interior.
  257. Museums of Karelia (Russian)
  258. * Museums of Nizhni Novgorod (Russian)
  259. Music CLub
    Virual music club. Proffesional music groups and autors - singres. Songs, photos, video clips.
  260. N.G.Chernyshevskiy Literary Museum (Russian)
    The page of the museum and a few photografs.
  261. N.S.Golovanov Museum and Apartment (Russian)
  262. National Art Museum of Ukrain (Russian)
  263. National Centre of Decorative and Applied Art (Russian)
  264. National museum of Komi Republic (Russian)
  265. Navyfors Museum in Iasenevo (Russian)
    Photos of exhibition halls and some exhibits, and also recalls in press about the first marine museum in a SOUTHWEST of Moscow.
  266. Nesterov art museum and another artists (Russian)
  267. Nicholas Roerich Museum (Russian)
  268. * Nizhni Novgorod Kremlin (Russian)
  269. Nizhniy Tagil State Museum of Art (Russian)
  270. Nizhny Novgorod Museums (Russian)
  271. Nizhny Novgorod State Museum of Art (Russian)
    The Official Web-site of The Nizhny Novgorod State Museum of Art. It's the most full information about the museum (the history, staff). Our site tells about the rich and comfortable outline material about the collection of the museum, exposition, exhibitions, virtual excursions. You can found the published information for specialists and news block.
  272. Novgorod Icon Gallery
    Only two pages with the story about making of the Gallery and pictures of icons from XI till XVIII centures.
  273. * Novosibirsk Regional Studies Museum
    Information about historic, antropologic and cultural collections of Siberia. Also very interesting virtual exhibitions.
  274. Old plate 78s - popular music 30-50 of years. (Russian)
    Music and the songs, which you can listen having unloaded with these pages to, are written down from old plates with the subsequent restoration of a sound. History, design of plates 78s.
  275. * Old Radio Gallery
  276. * Omsk State Museum of History and Regional Studies (Russian)
  277. * Omsk State Museum of History and Regional Studies (Russian)
  278. * Omsk, Omsk Region and Siberia Museums (Russian)
  279. Orenburg Museum of Fine Arts (Russian)
  280. Orenburg Museum of Regional Studies (Russian)
  281. Our Town (Nikolaev) (Russian)
  282. * Outsider Art Museum
  283. Paintings of B.Shirobokov (Russian)
  284. Palace in Zariadie (Russian)
    The small information about the museum.
  285. Paleontological Museum named after U.A.Orlov of Russian Academy of Science (Russian)
  286. Penza Art Gallery
  287. * Pereslavl-Zalessky
    This is an interesting trip to one of the oldest towns of Central Russian Region - Pereslavl-Zalessky. Here you can visit Monasteries, Cathedrals, Churches, a Historic-artistic museum and many other interesting places of Pereslavl-Zalessky.
  288. Permanent Exhibition of Air Engineering "Khodynskoe Pole"
    This is an active exhibition of aircraft machinery on the Central Aerodrom by M.V.Frunze. There are more than 60 flying machines by different Russian Designers Offices, that settled down on the open territory of the Aerodrome.
  289. * Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography "Kunstkamera" RAS
    the WEB-site of the eldest russian state museum. Contain the information for visitors as well as for scientists interested in cultural and physical anthropology, archaeology, history of science in Russia. The information about creation and history of the Museum is available, the data about the permanent (virtual excursion through the museums halls)and temorary museum exhibitions, museum collections. Thera are special information about research departments, main fields of studies, research projects, personal home pages of researchers.
  290. Photo Museum and Gallery (Photographer Ru)
  291. Photoalbums: Walk on centre of Moscow and Walk on a Bulvarnoye Ring (Russian)
  292. Photographic Gallery "Irkutsk Today" (Russian)
  293. Photos of the Novgorod Land. The author Konstantin Fufin (Russian)
    About 20 photos revealling beauty of the Novgorod land. It is a part of the largest collection of photooperations about Great Novgorod.
  294. pictures gallery Paint in Petersburg
    pictures gallery "Paint" in Petersburg
  295. Plant of miniature arts "Fedoscino" (Russian)
  296. Polenovo Museum and Reserve
    The story about the Museum and Reserve. The walk on the Big House and vicinities.
  297. Polytechnical Museum (Russian)
    The story about Polytechnical Museum from the moment of foundation till our days. And also you can see parts of exposition of the Museum.
  298. Polytechnical Museum (Russian)
    History of a museum and today of a museum, exhibition and excursion, museum projects. And also videofragments.
  299. Popular Geological Museum "Volgageologiya" (Russian)
  300. Prehistoric Art
    The main peculiarity is that exhibits actually kept in quite different museums, in different countries and even on different continents are gathered here as if in one museum. Another important feature is that our "museum" combines an exposition of a traditional museum with an open-air museum-reserve. It allows to present historic- archaeological monuments in their natural landscape and to show them in section, at different angles and in different hypothetic reconstructions.
  301. Primorskiy State Union Museum named after V.K.Arsenyev (Russian)
  302. Private Picture Gallery (Russian)
  303. * Project "1812 year"
    Very detailed material devoted to Patriotic War by 1912.
  304. Pskov Foto Mosaika (Russian)
  305. Pskov Historical and Architectural Museum
    Few information about the history of making the Museum and about nine Museum's icons XIV - XVI centures
  306. Pushchino Homestead (Russian)
  307. Pushkin Museum (Russian)
  308. Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
    A little information about the museum with brief description and photographs of masterpieces.
  309. Raifsky Bogoroditcky monastery (Russian)
    The guidebook on Bogoroditcky man's Raifsky monastery.
  310. Republic of Karelia Museum Agency (Russian)
  311. Research Centre "Medical Museum" (Russian)
  312. Resectio Ego
    The new works of the Russian foreman for 1997-1998 yy. are submitted. The part of works of a new direction, and also literary part of works of the author has come in an exposition...
  313. Roerih Museum in Lipetsk (Russian)
  314. * Romanov's Dinasty (Russian)
  315. Russian Antuque Books and Manuscripts
    Find out everything about antique and rare books commerce in Russia. Catalogues and price-lists of the auctions, lists of recent entries and classifieds. Some of the rare books on sale are described and displayed here
  316. Russian Architecture
    This site deals with the history of Russian architecture, modern design and construction projects. It is adressed to architects, art-critics and those, who are interested in Russian culture.
  317. Russian Artchive (Russian)
  318. Russian Avant-garde Art
    Artists, poets, writers and others index. Resources and bibliography. All about Russian Avant-Garde Art.
  319. Russian Aviation Museum
    A big reference book (aviation-guide).
  320. Russian Colours Fine Art Gallery
    20 Century Russian Art of the SOVIET AGE. High-quality paintings of 1920-1990 from the Leningrad School: portrait, ganre scenes, landscape, marine, still life, small format painting. 150 Known artists: Russov, Osipov, Kotiantz, Timkov, Ovchinnikov, Alberti, Maevsky, Lubimov, Pozdneev, Galakhov, Samokhvalov and others. Framing service. Links. Russian and english versions.
  321. Russian Computer Museum (Russian)
  322. Russian Ethnographic Museum
    The story is about St. Petersburg Museum of Ethnography and special museums exhibits.
  323. Russian landscape
    What's the reasons for an artists in doing exhibitions? "Maybe he wants to sell his "masterpieces", - you can say and you will be right, but only partly. Getting money is not the main goal. Most of the pictures are sold in art interiors and galleries. People buy "Pictures of the exhibition" seldom. But even without any hope to sell (actually they hope a little bit), people expose "masterpieces" on the court of public. About 25 pictures of a magnificent Russian nature.
  324. Russian Miniature by Dmitry Emelianov
    Dmitry Emelyanov is a Russian craftsman employing a miniature plastic(skulpture) technique wood and bone carving, metal, ceramic and literature texts.
  325. Russian Museum Education Department (Russian)
    Site represents the information about different activities of the Centre for Practice and Research in museum Pedagogy of The State Russian museum. The structure of this Site has the following items: the history of educational work in The State Russian museum; the list of partners of the Centre; archives of the conferences and workshops.
  326. Russian Museum of Ethography (Russian)
  327. Russian Museum of Photographs
    Art-pictures of famous Russian Photographers from N.Novgorod.
  328. Russian Painting Collectors Club
    20th Century Russian and Soviet paintings for the museums, art dealers, galleries, private and corporative collections. Images, biographies, bibliographies, photos, the memoirs of contemporaries. Museum Quality Frame Services.
  329. Russian Paleontological Institute.
    The excursion to the Moscow Paleontological Museum.
  330. Russian Philanthropists Museum (Russian)
  331. Russian State Museum of Arctic and Antarctic
  332. Ryazan State Historical and Architectral Reserve Museum. Ryazan Kremlin. (Russian)
    Having Visitted on these pages You will be introduced with the city, which is one of the most old hearths of culture and arts of Central Russia, noted in 1995. its 900-th.
  333. Rybinsk Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserv (Russian)
  334. S.A.Esenin Museum in Moscow (Russian)
  335. S.-Peterburg Gallery (Russian)
  336. Sahalin Oblast Regional Studies Museum
  337. Saint-Peterburg Collection of Musical Instruments
  338. Salavat Yulaev Museum (Russian)
  339. Samara Art Museum (Russian)
  340. SamaraART (Russian)
    Gallery of modern art. Creativity of the Samara artists, diagrams, sculptors, architects, designers. On a site a personal exhibition, news.
  341. Samarian Regional Historical Museum by P.Alabin (Russian)
  342. Savelovskiy ancient computer museum (Russian)
  343. School Museums of Yaroslavl Region (Russian)
    The stories about museums, excursion and description of exhibits of school museums of Yaroslavl region.
  344. Sergei Rakhmaninov is Great Russian Composer (Russian)
  345. Sergey Fedotov Art Gallery
  346. Sergey Zuev. Selected art-works. "Little wooden eyes." (Russian)
    Most non-of-present-interest russian artist. Video-art, cartboard orders, botanical painting, sketches of absurdity fashion.
  347. * Sergievo-Posadskiy State History-Art Museum-Preserv
  348. Sergiev-Posad Museum and Preserv (Russian)
  349. Server about Andrey Sakharov (Russian)
  350. Seversk Museum
  351. Sheremey's Gallery
    Online gallery featuring photography and painting artworks by classical and contemporary russian authors. Pictorial photographs from the beginning of the century, impressionist, spiritual and "psychoanalytical" erotic oil paintings, new realism by Yuri Remyga, Russian Reflecting Nostalgia by Dan Markovich, B&W Mood by Oleg Moskvin...
  352. Shostakovich Museum
  353. Siberian Association of Prehistoric Art Researchers
    SAPAR official page. Information about a Prehistoric Art Conference (Kemerovo, 1998). New research, books, information. Collection of prehistoric art and archaeology links.
  354. Siberian Museum of Technique
  355. Siberian Zoological Museum
  356. Sibirskaja Zaimka (Russian)
    Sibirskaya Zaimka is the Internet Project which is devoted to the siberian history. Content in russian only.
  357. Small Graphics
    Konstantin Kalinovich and Andrey Zakoretsky's ex-librises, which are well-known to the collectors all over the words.
  358. Smolensk State Museum-Reserve (Russian)
  359. Soil-Agricultural Museum (Russian)
    The small story about the history of making and form of the museum collections.
  360. * Solovetsky Islands
    An interesting story about the history and reality of the Solovetsky Islands and monasteries.
  361. Soros Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow
  362. Sosnovoborsky Contemporary Art Museum (Russian)
  363. SOVArt Catalog - Russian Art Online (Russian)
  364. Soviet Calculators Collection
    On this site you may see information about, and images of the calculators in my collection.
  365. Soviet-Afghan War, 1979-1989
    The memorial site containing materials related to the Soviet - Afghan War 1979 -1989. Presently, inscriptions are in Russian and ENGLISH. The information, photos, documents and other materials is updated monthly.
  366. Spaso-Andronikov Monastery. Museum named after Andrey Rublev (Russian)
    Story about history of monastery and about formation of museum on his territory.
  367. St.-Petersburg art exhibitions reviews (Russian)
  368. Stained glass in St.-Petersburg
  369. Stamps and Moscow (Russian)
  370. Stanislav Dmitriev's Virtual Matchbox Labels Collection
    More than 1000 matchbox labels from several contries. The collection is constantly growing.
  371. State Cultural Center of V.S. Visotskiy (Russian)
    This is detailed story about history of museum. There are more than 80 thousands of exhibits in this Museum.
  372. * State Darwin Museum
    This beautiful site is about rare and exceptional animals, and diversity of life in this world.
  373. * State Hermitage Museum
    This site is a very interesting and beautiful. You may walk on all floors of this remarkable museum, as well as peek into the palace of Peter the Great and Menshikov, hermitage theatre and visit temporary exhibitions.
  374. * State Hermitage Museum (official mirror)
    This site is a very interesting and beautiful. You may walk on all floors of this remarkable museum, as well as peek into the palace of Peter the Great and Menshikov, hermitage theatre and visit temporary exhibitions.
  375. * State Historical and Memorial Museum Reserve V.M.Shukshin
  376. * State Historical and Memorial Museum Reserve V.M.Shukshin (Mirror in Barnaul)
  377. * State Historical and Memorial Museum Reserve V.M.Shukshin (Mirror on "Museums of Russia", Moscow)
  378. State Historical Museum (Russian)
  379. * State Historical-Arhitectural and Ethnographical Museum-Reserv "Kizhi"
  380. * State Historical-cultural Museum-preserve "Moscow Kremlin"
    Official pages of Kremlin Museums. You can see the history of Moscow Kremlin, pictures of Kremlin's museums and very many other interesting and usefull information.
  381. State House-Museum of P. Tchaikovsky in Klin
    Site of State House-Museum of P. Tchaikovsky in Klin.
  382. * State Lermontov Museum-Preserv "Tarkhany"
  383. State literaturiche museum of Ivan Sergeyevitch Turgenev and his branches (Russian)
    The museum is devolted to the great rissian writer I.S.Turgenev and other writers. They werborn, lived and worked in Orel province (I.A.Bunin, N.S.Leskov, L.N.Andreyev, T.N.Granovskiy, D.I.Pisarev, M.M.Prishvin, A.A.Fett, I.A.Novikov, B.K.Zaytsev).
  384. State Museum and Preserv "Peterhof" (Russian)
  385. * State Museum and Reserv "Rostov Kremlin" (Russian)
  386. State Museum of History of Exploration of the Norilsk Region (Russian)
  387. State Museum of the Political History of Russia (Russian)
  388. * State Museum-Preserve "Pavlovsk"
    The palace and park complex of Pavlovsk is a part of the treasure-chest of Russion national and world culture. About history of the ensemble and its owners, about the palace rooms and collections. You will get acquainted with wonderful park alleys and landscapes as well as with remarkable sculptural compositions, numerous park pavilions, cascades and intricately shaped foot-bridges. A special page of the site is devoted to the famous Pavlovsk Musical Station.
  389. * State Pushkin Memorial Museum
    A splendid museum guide. You can see Pushkin's House on the Arbat street and many treasures of Russian culture.
  390. * State Russian Museum
  391. State school of children arts of Mineralnye Vody town (Russian)
    Site of the school contains works of the pupils and is created by them.
  392. State Tretiakov Gallery: Andrey Rublev
    The story about Rublev's works and some photographs.
  393. State Tretiakov Gallery: V.Borisov-Musatov
    The story about unique collection of V.E.Borisov-Musatov's work and some photographs.
  394. State Tretyakov Gallery (Russian)
  395. State Tretyakov Gallery
  396. * State Tretyakov Gallery
  397. Stavropol State Museum (Russian)
  398. Studies of the Old Russian Art (Russian)
  399. Svyato-Kazanskaya Church (Russian)
  400. Syberia Nova Kultura center (Russian)
    Gallery of the Syberia Nova Kultura center. Including materials of International Mail-Art Exhibition (Kemerovo, Siberia, 27-29 May 1999), present works of 87 artists from 23 country, including works of modern Siberia artists, made in different technique and esthetic (visual poetry, collages, stamps, graphic, computer art, hand-made and more).
  401. Tambov Museum of Regional Studies (Russian)
    About Tambov Museum of Regional Ethnography.
  402. Tambov Regional Pictures Gallery (Russian)
  403. The "New Gallery" Art Foundation
  404. The "New Gallery" Art Foundation
  405. The A.S.Popov Posts and Telecommunications Museum
    History, virtual exposition, scientific activity of a museum, information on the domestic and foreign collectors interested in the extension of the contacts, installation of useful links, realization of exchanges and exhibitions.
  406. * The Bianky Museum of Local Lore History and Economie
    One of the biggest Siberian museums gives you the possibility to acquaint the history of Altai and Biysk town - from the Neolithic Age to the events of modernity. The reach archeological collections of the History Hall tells about the culture of people who lived on the Altai territory at the antiquity; about origin, building and merchant prosperity of Biysk town and about its development and place in the history of XX century. The various exhibits of the Nature Hall acquaint us to the animal, floral and geological worlds of Altai.
  407. * The Bianky Museum of Local Lore History and Economie
    One of the biggest Siberian museums gives you the possibility to acquaint the history of Altai and Biysk town - from the Neolithic Age to the events of modernity. The reach archeological collections of the History Hall tells about the culture of people who lived on the Altai territory at the antiquity; about origin, building and merchant prosperity of Biysk town and about its development and place in the history of XX century. The various exhibits of the Nature Hall acquaint us to the animal, floral and geological worlds of Altai.
  408. * The Bogoroditsk Palace-Museum and Park
  409. The Briansk Park - wood of culture
    You can see the part of the Original Decorative and Ornamental Park, first in Russia. This Park are popular not only in Russia, but in the other countries too.
  410. The Ekaterinburg historician! (Russian)
    Information off museums, historical places and monuments of city. Clauses, research conducting pertaining to stady of region. Exclusive's collection of virtual exhibitions on various subjects (Russian's royal family tragedy, exhibition to the 200th anniversary of the Great Russian Poet - Pushkin). Our web-site also have regularly updated list of museum's exhibitions.
  411. The Famous Russian Composer N.Rimsky-Korsakov
  412. The Feodor Tyutchev State Museum "Muranovo" (Russian)
  413. The Glinka State Central Museum of Musical Culture
  414. The Gold Ring of Russia
  415. The Gulf: Men, Women, Jinns
    100 Graphic Poems by Dr. Peter Voskressensky. Graphics' poetics and melodics of The East.
  416. * The History of Moscow (Russian)
  417. The Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra
    The Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra functions nowadays as an orthodox monastery belonging to the St Petersburg eparchy is one of the architectural and historic center of St. Petersburg.
  418. The Impression Art Page
  419. The Institute of the Russian Literature (Russian)
  420. The Ivanovo State Society of Historical and Local Lore Museums of D.G.Burylin
  421. The Ivanovo State Society of Historical and Local Lore Museums of D.G.Burylin
    This site invites you in Ivanovo - one of tourist centres of Russia, large industrial regional city. You will get acquainted to a history of creation of museums and their remarkable collections, learn about the people which have saved for us these unique subjects. And also pages, devoted to the program of moral aesthetic education of children, museum service, excursion service; the names of video cassettes with records about museums.
  422. The Krasnodar state museum of history and archeology (Russian)
    Collection of ceramics of epoch of bronze; antique of ceramics; ornaments from the Egyptian faience; an antique and medieval glass; the nature of an edge(boundarouse) on climatic zones; a history of Kuban (vast archeological collection); unique caucus polovchy of immovable hammers; a constant exposition " Ancient gold of Kuban "; a rich ethnographic material on kozaky and much another...
  423. The Metro that we have lost... (Russian)
  424. The Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Sergiev Posad
    The guided tour around the monastery and information about Andrei Rublev and the history of the monastery. Several pictures of famous icons.
  425. The Museum and the Flat of V.I.Nemirovich-Danchenko (Russian)
  426. The Museum of Anna Achmatova in the Fountain House in St. Petersburg.
  427. The Museum of Contemporary Art of St. Petersburg: 1940s1990s
    The Museum displays the collection of works by masters of Socialist Realism and Soviet Impressionism, Second Russian Avant-garde and non-conformism of St. Petersburg. The Museum displays the special exhibitions, creates the artists database and multimedia editions devoted to contemporary St. Petersburg art.
  428. The Museum of Folk Art (Russian)
    The small story about the museum fund, photos.
  429. The Museum of History of Institute of Experimental Medicine (Russian)
  430. The Museum of the Bolshoi Theatre
  431. The Museum of the Cosmonauts Training Centre
    The Museum of the Cosmonauts Training Centre was founded on the initiative of Yu.Gagarin in 1967. At present it is one of the largest collections of documents and materials on history of manned cosmonautics in Russia.
  432. The Museum of the Moscow Arts Theatre (Russian)
  433. * The Museum-estate "Archangelskoye"
    Make an unforgettable walk on the regular park, decorated by the marble sculptures, on the terrazzo with pavilions and memorable columnes. You will be introduced to the richest history and present-day history of this unique monument of Russian culture.
  434. The Nizhny Tagil Museum-reserve of mining and metallurgy of the Middle Urals
    Collections Nizhny Tagil Museum-reserve of mining and metallurgy of the Middle Urals, which includes 11 acting muses in the city Nizhny Tagil and its vicinities and has site united funds, which base was based in the medium XIX (date of basis a museum 1840). Age a museum, particularities of completing at different periods have stipulated presence of the most varied collections.
  435. The Organization Center of Archaeological Researches
  436. The Park and Tsarskoye Selo Palace Ensemble
  437. The Restoration Department by State Russian Museum
  438. * The Saratov State Art Gellery named after Alexandr Radishchev
    The Saratov State Art Gellery named after A.Radishchev is the first public museum in provincial Russia. It was founded in 1885 by a prominent Russian artist Alexei Bogoliubov. At present the collection of the museum includes more than 20000 items (sculpture, painting, drawings and applied art). The constant exposition is located in two buildings. The objects of Russian and Western-European from XV-up to XX centuries are shown there. The temporary exebitions of modern and old art are very frequent in the museum. They demonstrate the works from state museum and private collections of Russia and from abroad. At the same time the displays from the Radishchev Art Gellery take part in Russian and foreign art exebitions. The Saratov State Art Museum after A.Radishchev offers the visitors a large scale of different excursions and lections on art as well as literary evenings and musical programms.
  439. The Ships of Russia
    Central site on a history of the Russian NAVY. History of the Russian NAVAL Fleet and history of development of shipbuilding in Russia, since ancient times and about the present days.
  440. The Siberian City Ancient (Russian)
  441. The Soviet Military Awards Page
  442. The Stat Museum Estate of N.G.Chernyshevsky (Russian)
    The museum of N.G.Chernyshevsky (1828-1899), a prominet writer and public figure, has been existing in Saratov for 78 year alrady. Now a days there is whole complex of museum buildings on the territory of the former town estate of the Chernyshevskies-Pypins who have a two-century history. The museum conducts a vigorous cultural educational and scientific work. Its rich collections indude the inique exhibits that reflect the life and activities of N.G.Chernyshevsky in the context of his time. The museum possesses a number of very interesting collections. A team of museumscientific workers is engaged in working out of the thems connected with biography and creative work of N.G.Chernyshevsky and promotes his scientific, literacy and publicistic legacy.
  443. The State Historical-Cultural and Native Museum-Estate "Muranovo" (Russian)
  444. * The State Museum "Tzarskoje Selo"
    The State Museum "Tzarskoje Selo" official website.
  445. * The State Museum and Reserv "Mikhaylovskoye" in Pushkinskie Gori (Russian)
    The most interesting site, devoted to Pushkin's life and his creation. It contains the fullest information about this great Russian poet.
  446. The State Museum of Architecture named after A.B.Schusev (Russian)
    The small story about a content of museum funds, some photos of exhibition halls.
  447. * The State Museum of Fine Arts named after A.S.Pushkin
  448. The State Museum of L.N.Tolstoy (Russian)
    The small story about the museum history and the exposition.
  449. * The State Museum of the History of Religion
  450. The State Museum of the History of St.Petersburg (Russian)
  451. * The State Museum of V.V. Mayakovsky
    The new Museum makes a model of the time and the world of Mayakovsky, show us the real meaning of things, fantasy and intellect of the author; makes the visitor from statist to co-author and colaborator.
  452. The State Museum-Preserv "Pavlovsk"
  453. The State Science-Art Museum of Horse-breeding
    Small story about museum and his collections.
  454. The Timiryazev State Museum of Biology (Russian)
  455. The virtual exhibition the diagrams of the artist Khalimov Murat (Russian)
    The virtual exhibition the graphics of the artist Khalimov Murat - "Demons", "Valejio" & etc.
  456. The West Siberian museum
  457. The Yaroslavl Region
    The Yaroslavl region is rich in woods and bushes spreaded over the banks of 2500 great and small rivers. Forest is not only the source of timber and other raw materials. It is a home for animals, birds, it is a place of growing berries and mushrooms, for charming glades and murmuring streamlets. The fresh air in pine forests and smell of leaf-bearing woods are incomparable. Striking whiteness of birchwoods and coral bunches of ashberries are the features of forests. It is a favourite place of having a rest for Yaroslavl townsmen. Yaroslavl stands guard over its monuments and art valuables. Restorers keep old buildings in good condition, new buildings are erected only according to designs specially worked out particular case. Masterpieces of ancient Russian architecture and modern industry with its high-level technology, unique historic heritage and valuable scientific and industrial potential - all these things constitute the Yaroslavl region.
  458. To the Piers of English Embarkment
    Angliyskaya embarkment - about palaces and mansions of Sankt-Petersburg and Neva river.
  459. Tomsk State University Zoological Museum (Russian)
  460. Travel to Ekaterinburg: from Present to Past (Russian)
    This is a virtual excursion over the Ekaterinburgs historical places. The "Travel to Ekaterinburg: from Present to Past" proposes a walk through the streets and squares, stopping by the most interesting monuments of history and architecture.
  461. * Treasures of the Czars
    The landmark Treasures of the Czars exhibition is a collection of priceless historical pieces from far away.
  462. Tretiakov Gallery
    A sampling of Russia's finest art, located at Moscow's most exclusive gallery.
  463. Tretyakov Gallery
    About the museum and five famous pictures.
  464. Troitsk Virtual Gallery (Russian)
    The noncommercial project of publishing house "Trovant" in sphere of culture. It the objective - to collect under one roof (in this case - virtual) product of all foremen of fine art of city Troitsk.
  465. * Tsarskoe Selo and Pavlovsk in Russian poetry (Russian)
    This is the anthology of Russian Verse specially devoted to Tsarskoe Selo and Pavlovsk (near St.Peterburg, Russia). This page contains Clip Art Album of old-time painting of Tsarskoe Selo and Pavlovsk.
  466. Tula State Arms Museum
  467. Tver Regional Art Gallery (Russian)
  468. * Tver State Union Museum
  469. Tver University Archaeological Museum
  470. Uljanov's Museum (Russian)
    The story about a museum exposition with show of some photos.
  471. Underwater Garden gallery
    Gallery of photo, graphics, drawings with the constant renovation and accompaniment of participants and their work. Invite all wanting place their own work in our gallery.
  472. Unknown Socrealism (April Group Fine Arts)
    Unknown Socrealism: quest and discoveries. ART of the SOVIET AGE from private collections: portrait, landscape, still-life, ganre scenes, small format painting. 150 Artists from the Leningrad School: Russov, Afonina, Osipov, Maevsky, Ovchinnikov, Kotiantz, Eriomin, Timkov and others. Solo and group exhibitions. Biographies, the memoirs of contemporaries. Framing service. Links.
  473. Unofficial Decembrism Museum (Russian)
  474. V. Provotorov (Russian)
  475. Vadim Sidour Virtual Gallery
    The famous sculptures of Vadim Sidour, link to official Vidim Sidour museum site.
  476. Veliky Novgorod State Museum and Reserve (Russian)
  477. Velimir Chlebnikhov Museum (Russian)
    Small story about the museum.
  478. Vernadsky State Geological Museum
    It's a very interesting Earth History Museum. And also information about the Museum (formation, development and today's).
  479. Victor Kabanov Fotogallery (Russian)
  480. Victor Tihomirov Studio (Russian)
  481. Viktor Tsoy Museum (Russian)
  482. Vincent van Gogh Gallery (Russian)
  483. Virtual Art Gallery OnArt
  484. Virtual Catalog of Ikons (Russian)
  485. Virtual Computer Museum of Russia (Russian)
    Contain information about computers history in Russia.
  486. * Virtual Exebition "Russian ombat Awards" (Russian)
  487. Virtual exhibition "ainting of the week" (Russian)
  488. Virtual Gallery "Alexander"
    Acquaintance with the virtual picture gallery and its conception. Stories about artists and his works.
  489. Virtual gallery of RegionInfo (Russian)
  490. Virtual Museum "Carpet" (Russian)
  491. Virtual Museum of Computer Grafic (Russian)
  492. Virtual Museum of Computer Science (Russian)
  493. Virtual Museum of domestic production of tractors (Russian)
    The story about Fiodor Abramovich Blinov - the produced Russian inventor. Photos both descriptions of historical and modern models of tractors, and also new samples of constructions.
  494. * Virtual Museum of Igov Talkov (Russian)
  495. * Virtual Museum of Military Collection (Russian)
    A bulky exposition of Artillery. You can see more than 300 ordnances beginning from the Middle Age until the present. Every exhibit has a picture and description.
  496. Virtual Museum of Russian Posters (Russian)
  497. * Virtual Museum of Russian Primitiv (Russian)
  498. Virtual Ural Vernisazh
    On this page you can familiarize with works of the Ural artists
  499. * Vladimir and Suzdal Museum and Reserve (Russian)
  500. Vladimir Biblayev Photogallery "Landscapes of Russia"
    About 30 photos beautiful corners of Russian nature.
  501. Vladimir Zobachev Exhibition
  502. Vladivostok Fortress
  503. * Wallpaper in the Contex of Russian Culture
    This museum really exists as the private one in the Philadelphia area, PA. It based on the biggest collection of wallpaper in Russia . You'll see here the original wallpaper from the famous houses of Turgenev, Nekrasov, Aksakov, Lermontov, Pushkin; wallpaper from the tsar's palaces of St. Petersburg, and so on.
  504. War History Museum of Armored Vehicles and Equipment
  505. X Legio. Ancient War Vechiles (Russian)
    Detalized information about Greek, Roman and Medieval European warfare. Navies, artillery, siege machines.
  506. Yaroslavl Art Museum (Russian)
  507. Yaroslavl Museum - Preserve of History and Architecture
  508. Yasnaya Poliana
    The story about the museum-reserve "Yasnaya Poliana", illustrated by the large number of photos.
  509. Yasnaya Poliana (Russian)
  510. Yelagin Palace
  511. * Zoo of Russia
  512. Zoological Museum of Far East State University (Russian)
    The story about a museum including the brief description of collections.
  513. Zoological Museum of Moscow State University (Russian)
    The detailed story about creation and development of a museum, addition of his collections, existing exposition, scientific - enlightening operation.
  514. Zoologycal Museum of Zoologycal Institut (St. Peterburgh),
    This is just one of the Zoological Institutes world-famous specimens.
  515. Zvenigorod Historical, Arhitectural and Art Museum (Russian)

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