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Museums and the Web: An International Conference
MW2003, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, March 2003.
See ! 2003 Best of the Web awards.

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These pages provide an eclectic collection of WWW services connected with museums, galleries and archives. Items starting with ! are recently added items. Starred items marked * have large collections and/or are especially recommended. If enough people ask for a star to be added to an item I will do so!

The related separate WWW Virtual Library information on libraries and history of art may be of interest.

* Selected virtual exhibitions

EXPO Ticket Office (funded by the Library of Congress).
This gives an early and recommended tour around some WWW exhibits if you are not sure what to want to see. Like all good museums, it has a restaurant!

WebMuseum (formerly the WebLouvre), also in the UK and elsewhere.
Visit here if you like art. The site won a 1994 Best of the Web award.

Virtual Museum of Computing.
Includes an eclectic collection of hyperlinks connected with the history of computing and on-line computer-based exhibits available both locally and around the world.

* Recommended additions

This section features new additions to the museums pages which are (subjectively) recommended.

! 17 April 2003: Museophile discussion forums.
Museum-related announcements, discussion and mailing lists. Honorable mention in the 2003 Best of the Web awards at the MW2003 conference.

24 February 2002: Musee.com.
A directory of museum stores and shops.

8 March 2000: National Museum of Colombia.
Foremost Colombian museum, in Spanish.

11 November 1999: Instituto Latinoamericano de Museologia (ILAM), South America.
Includes a directory of Latin American museums by country.

13 July 1999: The State Hermitage Museum, St. Peterburg, Russia.
In English and Russian. See a virtual tour.

14 May 1999: 24 Hour Museum, UK.
A new UK museum portal launched during Museums Week, including the Young 24 Hour Museum for children.

14 March 1999: Walker Art Center, USA.
Overall winner of the MW99 Best of the Web awards.

14 November 1998: Fiji Museum.
First major Pacific island country museum Web site.

21 October 1998: National Museum, Prague, Czech Republic.
Information available in Czech and English.

25 September 1998: Azerbaijan museums.
Listed by Culture and Arts of the Azerbaijan Republic Web site.

23 April 1998: Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, USA.
Best overall site winner in the Best of the Web competition at the Museums and the Web conference, Toronto, Canada, 22-25 April 1998.

8 March 1998: National Museums of Kenya and National Museum of Namibia.
Two of the first major museum Web sites from central Africa. See also regional Kenyan museums.

5 February 1998: Château de Versailles, near Paris, France.
In French and English.

16 November 1997: The Getty, California, USA.
The Getty Center is now open.

14 November 1997: Muséofile, France.
National database of French museums
25 July 1997: SCRAN, Scotland.
Scottish Cultural Resource Access Network, a UK Millennium Project, officially launched today, including search facilities.

19 March 1997: Exploratorium, San Francisco, USA.
Winner of the Best Museum Site of 1997 at the Museums and the Web conference, Los Angeles, USA, 16-19 March 1997.

7 March 1997: National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA.
Tour the collection.

6 February 1997: Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy.
Includes QuickTimeVR Virtual Reality of some of the galleries and an index of artists with some images such as Botticelli's The Birth of Venus.

15 January 1997: Finnish Museums Association. (Also in Finnish and Swedish.)
Includes an alphabetical list of museums (also ordered by location and by type) and other museum information.

4 January 1997: Art Museum Network
Official Web site for the largest art museums in North America. Choose a museum by region.

5 December 1996: Florida Association of Museums
Includes listings of all Florida's museums selectable by a location map, with links to museum Web sites where available.

7 November 1996: Boston and New England museums
Excellent local guide to museums by type and location. Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont are covered.

18 October 1996: Egyptian museums
List of museums in Egypt and international museums with Egyptian collections from Egypt's CultureNet.

7 October 1996: British Museum, London, UK.
See collection highlights.

13 September 1996: Russian museums.
See searchable Museums of Russia and (In English and other languages.)

31 July 1996: Museums and exhibitions in Switzerland.
Index by name, place and subject. (Also in French, German and Italian.)

5 July 1996: Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York City, USA.
See menu including the collection and current exhibitions.

27 June 1996: National Museum of Australia, Canberra.
Includes the Australian Museums On Line (AMOL), providing a national museum directory and on-line searching of museum collections.

21 June 1996: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada.
In French and English, making good use of moving graphical images.

20 June 1996: Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington, London, UK.
The largest decorative arts museum in the world.

12 February 1996: Cultural map of Greece, Hellenic Ministry Of Culture.
Part of the Hellenic Culture information server. In English and Greek.

15 January 1996: Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Toronto, Canada.
Just about everything, including children's activities and on-line artifact identification.

1 January 1996: De Museumserver, the Netherlands.
Dutch and international museums on the Internet.

12 December 1995: Natural History Museum, London.
The UK's first museum Web server's have been completely redesigned, including Virtual Reality fossils using VRML.

24 November 1995: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
One of the largest art collections in the world. See the museum shop.

16 August 1995: Deutsches Museum, Munich.
Science and technology. See also German Historical Museum, Berlin, with links to other German museums. (In German and English.)

14 July 1995: Le Louvre, Paris.
Information from the (real!) Louvre. (In French, English and other languages.)

30 May 1995: French Minstry of Culture.
Important archaeological discovery of a Palaeolithic painted cave near Vallon-Pont-d'Arc on 25 December 1994. (Information in English and French.)

8 May 1995: Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC.
Major reorganization of the WWW pages, now second sourced by SGI.

25 April 1995: Science Museum, London.
A new Information Superhighway exhibition opened today.

11 April 1995: WebAcropol, Athens.
A virtual tour of the Acropolis. Worth waiting for the wonderful views.

11 April 1995: British Library Exhibitions.
See the Treasures Digitisation Project, including the Magna Carta, which can be viewed at > various magnifications.

20 March 1995: Exhibitions in the ether.
Article in The Times Higher Education Supplement, Multimedia features section, page xii, 10 March 1995.

13 March 1995: Vatican City museums and virtual exhibits.
Includes many virtual tours such as the Sistine Chapel.

8 March 1995: The Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria.
On-line exhibits, including Empires Beyond the Great Wall: the Heritage of Genghis Khan.

2 March 1995: The Computer Museum, Boston.
Includes The Computer Clubhouse on-line art gallery, an educational outreach program.

11 January 1995: French National Center for Art and Culture Georges Pompidou.
Also in French.

5 January 1995: Ontario Science Centre, Toronto & the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Quebec.
In English and French.

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