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This page includes a collection of on-line museums and other World Wide Web services connected with museums in Poland.

Also available in Polish.

Museums in Poland on the Internet

The museums in this list are given in alphabetical order.

  1. *Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, Oświęcim. World War II extermination camp and Holocaust victims memorial (in English, German and Polish)
  2. *! Biskupin, near Bydgoszcz. The best known archaeological reservation in Central Europe (in English and Polish)
  3. Central Museum of Textiles. Łódz. The bigest Textile Museum in Poland, hosting the International Triennial of Tapestry in Łódz, the world's bigest exhibition promoting contemporary Tapestry (some in English and in Polish)
  4. Centre for Contemporary Art. Warsaw. Contemporary art exhibitions and events, Internet linkage to Art Galleries in Poland (in English and Polish)
  5. Coal Mining Museum. Zabrze. (in English and Polish)
  6. *! Cracow Salt-Works Museum, Wieliczka near Cracow. The 700-year-old salt mine (in English and Polish)
  7. Diocesan Museum, Tarnów. The oldest diocesan museum in Poland (in English, German and Polish)
  8. The Historical Museum of Warsaw, Results of archeological and architectural investigations after WW II (in English and Polish)
  9. The Łańcut Castle Museum, Łańcut. Former residence of Potockis, Eastern Church Art Collection and Carriage Museum (in English)
  10. Lublin Museum, Lublin. Polish painting, decorative art, etnography, military arms, numizamatics, archeology (in English and Polish)
  11. Lubuska Province Museum, Zielona Góra. Regional Viti culture and sacral sculpture from XV-XIX century (in English and Polish)
  12. ! Malbork Castle, Malbork. The Teutonic Order Castle from XIV Century (in English, German and Polish)
  13. ! Museum of Art, Łódz. One of the oldest museums of modern art in Europe (in English)
  14. Museum of Central Pomerania, Słupsk. Museum of the region with large collection of graphics of S.Witkiewicz (some English, Italian and in Polish)
  15. ! Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw. (In English and Polish)
  16. National Museum in Gdańsk, Art from XV to XX Centrury (in Polish)
  17. National Museum in Poznań, Collections of instruments, applied art, paintings and drawings (in Polish)
  18. National Museum in Warsaw, 11 own collections of Polish and world art, scheduled guest exhibitions (in English and Polish)
  19. National Museum in Wrocław, Over 100,000 items, mostly of regional orgin from all ages (in Polish)
  20. Museums in Wrocław, (in English)
  21. The National Ossolinski Institute, Wrocław. Manuscripts, old prints, graphics, numismatics, maps (in English and Polish)
  22. ! National Stutthof Museum, Sztutowo. WWII Concentration Camp Museum(in English, German and Polish)
  23. ! Nicolai Copernici Musaeum Fromborcense, Frombork. Museum dedicated to life and works of Nicolai Copernicus (in English, German, French, Russian and Polish)
  24. Oceanographic Museum and Marine Aquarium, Gdynia. Ca 600 animals of ca 60 species in 34 aquariums (in English and Polish)
  25. The Palace of Art, Cracow. The Society of Fine Arts Friends, founded in 1845 (some in English and in Polish)
  26. Polish Aviation Museum, Cracow. More than 100 planes, gliders, helicopters and anti-aircraft missiles (in English and Polish)
  27. ! Polish Marime Museum, Gdańsk. Underwater archeological artefacts (in English)
  28. ! Polish Marime Museum, Gdańsk. Underwater archeological artefacts (in English)
  29. Poster Gallery, Cracow. Collection of ca 1000 polish posters (In English, German, French and Polish)
  30. ! Poznan Archeological Museum, Poznan. Prehistoric and mediaeval archaeology of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland), Egypt and Sudan (In English, and Polish)
  31. Regional Museum in Pińczów, near Cracow. Prehistory of the region, Synagogue (some in English and in Polish)
  32. * Royal Castle in Warsaw, Warsaw. Entirely reconstructed royal residence (in English and Polish)
  33. * Salt-Mine Wieliczka, Wieliczka near Cracow. 700-year-old salt mine (in English)
  34. * State Museum in Majdanek, Majdanek. A Concentration Camp from WW II (in English, German and Polish)
  35. The Tatra Museum, Zakopane. Museum of Podchale Region, (in English and Polish)
  36. * Wawel Royal Castle, Cracow. Primary site of Polish kings (in English, French, German, Russian and Polish)
  37. * Wilanów Palace Museum, Warsaw. Royal residence from XVII Century (in English and Polish)
  38. Zachęta Gallery, Warsaw. Polish painters, starting from 1960-ties (In english and Polish)
  39. The Zamoyski Museum in Kozłówka , Kozłówka near Lublin. The only residence style museum in the region (in English, German and Polish)

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