State House-Museum in Klin
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Facade of the house.

reserving the unique collections, the Museum is engaged in research, editorial, educational and exhibition activity. It is also a music center.

THE CONCERT HALL of the House-Museum organized a series of concerts in the season of 1999 dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the Museum and P.I. Tchaikovsky's 160th birthday. On the day of the composer's birthday and on the day of his commemoration traditional musical meetings are organized in the study of the House-Museum.
In the Big Foyer of the Concert Hall the exhibition is to be organized for the 150th birthday of M.I. Tchaikovsky and 160th birthday of P.I. Tchaikovsky.

THE MOSCOW KREMLIN MUSEUM presents the exhibition "Moscow Region Treasures" in the Belfry of the Assumption Cathedral. It is organized for the 70th anniversary of the Moscow Region. The exhibits from P.I. Tchaikovsky House-Museum are included.

VRUBEL HALL of the State Tretyakov Gallery organizes exhibitions accompanying the Festival "Musical Moscow at the Turn of the Century".


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