Born in Sverdlovsk (now - Ekaterinburg) in the Urals. Art historian, art critic and journalist. Graduated from the faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University.
Worked at the radio- and TV-studios, at the publishing houses, at the Research Institute of Arts Industry, from 1958 till 1978 at the publishing house of the journal "Dekorativnoye iskusstvo SSSR" as an editor in the Department of Folk Art. Occupied in the folk art since mid-1960-ies. Together with her husband, an interpreter G.-J.-A.-Raffe-Shkarovsky, she compiled a small collection of the Soviet naive art. Was in the panels of juries at all national exhibitions of the amateur art in 1967-1977, member of the international jury at "Insita-72".
Author of the article on the "Soviet naive artists" in the "World Encyclopaedia of Naive Art" and many other articles in professional publications and periodicals.

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