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Soviet myth, another wall

   Many of the naive painters experienced a serious influence of the Communist ideology. It was based on the mythological model, it created its own images of "the beginning of a new era" and "people's leaders", it replaced lively folk feast by the Soviet rituals: official demonstrations, pompous formal meetings and ceremonies, awarding of the best workers, etc.
   The brush of the naive painters transforms these scenes into somewhat more than just illustrations to the "Soviet way of life". Out of a range of these pictures comes out a portrait of a "collective" man, whose personal characteristics are dissolved in his corporate image. The scale of the constrained figures highlights the distance between the leader and the crowd. As a result beyond the outside grandeur one could feel the lack of freedom and artificial nature of the entire happening.
   Getting in contact with pure and sincere naive art the ideological phantoms quite naturally, without any deliberate efforts are converted into the heroes of the theatre of nonsense.