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   Speaking of love naive artist is behaving himself bashfully. There's no vulgar humour, typical to uncensored folk lubok pictures, nor erotic symbolism of the drawings of insane. There are scarce naked women in this art, much less than in the market pictures. Even if a primitive artist has to paint a naked woman she should be treated as a tempting, appealing, and crafty creature just like in the myth describing a wicked and sinful nature of a woman.
   The most popular love scenes are the meetings and departures. Their compositions are very much in common. Thus the beginning and the end of the love story are marked whilst the culmination is ignored. Russian naive artists are keen for the themes of unfortunate love and departure - the most frequent subjects of the folk songs and romances (L.Maikova's picture " On the Murom Foot-path."). In the late XX century the artists are still worshipping the moral principles worked out by the folk tradition.
   The wedding scenes could illustrate this thesis. The artists pay much attention to the accuracy of the details of the wedding ritual and every object depicted. The figures of bride and groom, on contrary, are static and less expressive; the main heroes of the painting are the relatives, the guests, and even wider - the clan as a pledge of happy marriage.