Pasturing of Horses for the Night.  1978

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Babakov Egor Mikhailovich 1906-1987. Vladimir region.

Babakov was a doctorís assistant and a vet in the village Vesí in Suzdalí district, Vladimir region; he was a disabled soldier and was known among the villagers as an unselfish crank. He never considered himself to be an artist and had no intent to exhibit his works. His small-size oil-on-plywood paintings obstructed all the walls and the ceiling of his rural house. Most of them show the life of his native village, which the artist had never left. Another favourite subject of Babakov - images from folk songs and popular romances.

Pasturing of Horses for the Night. 1978

Oil on wood. 33,5 ű 50

SVSHAAMR (Suzdalí)
Inv. ¬-29169