A Cow. 1950-iĺs

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Selivanov Ivan Egorovich. 1907-1988. Kemerovo region

Born near Arkhangelsk in a poor peasants family, together with his brothers and sisters had to become a beggar. At 30 moved with his family to Siberia, to the town of Prokop’evsk (Kemerovo region), where he worked as a stove-maker until retired. Lived in extreme poverty. In 1946 entered PUAC, took classes of Yury Aksenov, kept in correspondence with him for next 40 years, and often asked for his advice. The early works of Selivanov - the drawing, painted with watercolour or colour pencil, in 1970-ies familiarised with oil painting. Selivanov’s themes are: an object, an animal or a man as a self-sufficient phenomenon. He left his diaries, in which he explained his own philosophy of life. They are published in the monograph by N.G.Kataeva «I byla zhizn’». The experts tend to list him among the top-ten Russian naive artists.

A Cow. 1950-iĺs

Paper, watercolour. 45 ő 30