Waves. 1940

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Pankov Konstantin Alekseevich. 1910-1942. Western Siberia

Born in the settlement Saranpaul’ Ob’-Irtysh region (now - Khanty-Mansi national-autonomous area of Tyumen’ region). His father was Nenets, his mother - Mans. From the age of 15 he went on hunting for fur trade. In late 1920-ies studied in Moscow at the special courses for future party and state leaders in the remote national areas. Among the best graduates he was admitted to the Institute of Polar Nations in Leningrad, which he graduated with excellent marks. Took the arts classes at the studio in his Institute, studied gouache and oil painting. In 1937 his works took Grand-Prix at the World Exhibition in Paris. In 1941 volunteered for the army, was a sniper, was killed during the liberation of Norway. In his Northern landscapes the hunter’s vision of space and natural talent for composition and colour are both evident.

Waves. 1940

Oil on canvas. 62 õ 82

Tyumen’ Museum