Lake. 1982

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Komolov Nikolay Alexandrovich. 1925-1983. Pskov region

Born in the village Bylar-Ozero (Tataria). At the age of 17 volunteered to the army, was badly wounded. Lived in the Arctic area, Kazakhstan, Moldavia, worked as an electrician. After a bad heart attack became an invalid and moved to a deserted village Zvenkovichi not far from Pskov, where in 1978 he took up painting. He has executed more than 100 paintings. He took his pictures as the allegories, created his own symbolic language. Most of the experts list him among the best 10 Russian naive painters.

Lake. 1982

Oil on canvas. 67 x 85

Signed and dated, bottom left: .. 1982 .

Museum Tsaritsyno
Inv. -13255