Adam and Eve in the Eden. 1994

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Sivtsov Vladimir Nikolaevich. 1926-1997. Vologda

Born in Totíma, lived in Vologda. Since 1943 took military service, worked as a military interpreter, from 1955 till 1978 worked in the home affairs authorities. Liked to draw from childhood, attended the arts studio in Vologda, devoted himself to painting after the death of his mother. Participated in the exhibitions since 1987. Sivtsovís favourite themes: architectural monuments in Vologda, portraits of his famous country-fellows, literary characters, significant events of Russian history. It took him long to think over the idea of the future painting, its colour and composition in details. He made a lot of sketches, occasionally using the photographs and reproductions as an auxiliary material.

Adam and Eve in the Eden. 1994

Oil on canvas. 65 ű 95

Artistís family property