Russian Madonna. 1988

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Bazylenko Stephania Ivanovna. b.1919. Moscow

Born in the village near Vitebsk in the family of the blacksmith. Enjoyed drawing from her childhood later attended classes at the studio of Y.M.Pen. In 1941 sheĺs gone to the war as a volunteer, was a war interpreter, an intelligence officer in the landing forces, war invalid. After the war she graduated from the Philological faculty of Moscow State University, stayed there as the faculty member. At the age of 60 she gave back to painting. She works without preliminary sketches, after her imagination. Bazylenkoĺs subject in painting is landscape, which she interprets as an event in the life of nature.

Russian Madonna. 1988

Oil on canvas. 100 § 80

Inv. ╩¤-85