Portrait of the Girl in Red. 1973

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Dikarskaya Anna Petrovna. 1893-1982. Nizhny Novgorod region

Born in Nizhny Novgorod, as a nurse participated in the World War 1and in the Civil War, later got the degree in medicine and worked as a doctor in Siberia, in the North, along the Volga. Took part in the home-theatre performances, played music, read a lot of historical literature. Spent the last years in solitude. Occasionally started to paint at the age of 67: once while packing the parcel with paint for her grandchildren, she damaged a tube and having collected the spread paint on the cardboard she suddenly recognised an image of a landscape. Most of her paintings are based on the real historical events, mainly dramatic. Flowers are another theme of Dikarskaya. Most of the experts list her among the best 10 Russian naive painters.

Portrait of the Girl in Red. 1973

Oil on cardboard. 99 § 55

Authorĺs monogram, bottom right: └ ¤

Museum "Tsaritsyno"
Inv. ╩¤-14431