Morning of the Actress. 1986

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Belykh Alexandr Alexandrovich. b.1948, Ulan-Ude

Born in the village Staraya Kurba in Zaigrayevsky district in Buryatia. Together with his stepfather, who was a geologist, used to travel a lot in Siberia, dwelled in taiga. Having finished the school he worked as a TV- repairman, but later - as a decoration designer. In 1970-1980 lived in Batumi, then returned to his birthplace. In 1980 he took up painting. Many of Belykh’s paintings are indeed the illustrations to his own poetry and novels. Took some tutorial instructions at PUAC. Subjects of his paintings are: passionate love affairs, disasters and hunting.

Morning of the Actress. 1986

Oil on canvas. 95 õ 113

Author’s property