Portrait of A.P.Mel’gunov. About 1784

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Korenev Dmitry Mikhailovich. 1747 - 1810-iås

Portrait painter. Lived and worked in Yaroslavl’. Was a member of the 3-rd merchants’ Guild in Yaroslavl’.

Portrait of A.P.Mel’gunov. About 1784

Oil on canvas. 213 õ 125

The text in the open book on the table «The Gospel According to St.Matthew» (XVIII, 5, 10-11; ÕXIV, 45-47)

Yaroslavl’ Museum-Reserve
Inv. ßÌÇ-9210

Transferred in 1918 from Ekatherine Gymnasium in Yaroslavl’; beforehand in the property of Yaroslavl’ Alms-house.
Mel’gunov Alexey Petrovich (1722-1788), Senator, President of the Chamber-Collegium, Yaroslavl’ and Vologda General-Governor. Was very much involved in the educational activities, founded Masonic Lodge in Yaroslavl’. Portrait was commissioned for the gallery at the Yaroslavl’ Alms-house.