Portrait of I.Y.Kuchumov. 1784

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Korenev Dmitry Mikhailovich. 1747 - 1810-is

Portrait painter. Lived and worked in Yaroslavl. Was a member of the 3-rd merchants Guild in Yaroslavl.

Portrait of I.Y.Kuchumov. 1784

Oil on canvas. 211 123

Signed and dated, bottom left: 1784- .
The text in the open book on the table is Chapter XIII, 14-20 of The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Hebrews

Yaroslavl Museum-Reserve
Inv. -9209

Transferred in 1918 from Ekatherine Gymnasium in Yaroslavl; beforehand in the property of Yaroslavl Alms-house.
Kuchumov Ivan Yakovlevich (1711-1784), Yaroslavl merchant, manufacturer. He contributed big sums of money to construction and maintenance of Yaroslavl Alms-house; the portrait was meant for the gallery in the Alms-house.