View of the Polazn’ Plant. 1830-ĺ

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Polyakov (?) Ivan Nikolaevich. 1805 - after 1847

Landscape painter. Icon-painter. Serf of Lazarevs from the village Chermoza, Perm’ province. Originated from the family of official servants in the salt industry. In 1820 entered the icon-painting workshop to «learn painting art». In 1833-1835 took instructions of P.P.Vedenetsky in Nizhny Novgorod. In 1835-1838 was an icon-painter at Chermoza plant. Since 1838 appointed as a «storekeeper of the forest-food supplies» and «moreover <...> engaged in icon-painting for churches of icons et. al.».

View of the Polazn’ Plant. 1830-ĺ

Oil on canvas. 110 ő 165

Perm’ Museum
Inv. 198/4152

Pre-1917 acquisition.
Polazn’ metal plant was founded in 1797, was owned by Lazarevs.