Pond in the Estate Garden. 1843

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Murzin Semen Akimovich. 1820-1880

Portrait painter, also an author of historical paintings. Freelance student at the Academy of Arts in St.Petersburg (since 1842) attended the classes of historical painting. Was rewarded the degree of the freelance artist in historical and portrait painting for his picture Nestor, the Chronicler (1849).

Pond in the Estate Garden. 1843

Oil on canvas. 49,5 57,5

Authors inscription reproduced on the reverse side of the canvas during the restoration (duplication of the canvas): i. . 1843 .

Inv. 17027-/-219

Presented by P.Shchukin, 1905, Moscow; earlier - in P.I.Shchukin Museum of Russian Antiquities, Moscow.