Mikhailovskoye. 1822

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Klodt Otto Ivanovich, von Jurgensburg

Amature painter of the first half of the XIX century, Baron.
For many years lived in S.V.Sheremetievĺs family.

Mikhailovskoye. 1822

Oil on cardboard. 51 § 69

Signed and dated, bottom-left: ╬.Đ. pin§. 1822

Inv. 55318/╩-202

Transferred in 1924 from STG; beforehand - in the collection of S.D.Sheremetiev at Mikhailovskoye estate, Moscow province.
Shown is the general view of the estate Mikhailovskoye, in Podolsk region, Moscow province. In XVII-XVIII centuries the estate belonged to Krechetnikovs. In 1780-ies - early 1790-ies Mikhail Nikitovich Krechetnikov, General-lieutenant, Kaluga and Tula Governor-general, built a two-storey stone house with attic and a church of Archistratig Mikhail. In 1820-1834 the estate was owned by Sergey Vasilievich Sheremetiev, who belonged to the junior, non-earl family branch, the descendant of General-in-Chief Vladimir Petrovich Sheremetiev. In the mid XIX century Mikhailovskoye was owned by the Earls Mussin-Pushkin, and since 1870 - by the Earl Sergey Dmitrievich Sheremetiev, maternal grandson of Sergey Vasilievich Sheremetiev.