A.I.Zuzin Riding to Hounds. 1846

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Unknown artist of the mid-XIX century (Alexander Alekseevich Sukhotin?)

A.I.Zuzin Riding to Hounds. 1846

Oil on canvas. 70,5 141

Inscription (signature?) on the top above the rider, coming down the hill: ... Authors inscription reproduced during the restoration (duplication of the canvas): . 1846- .

Kostroma Museum-Reserve
Inv. -19841

Received in 1920-ies from Zuzins estate Denisovo in Kostroma province.
Sukhotin Alexander Alekseevich (1794 - not before 1847), landowner in Kostroma. In 1812 joined the volunteer corps, sergeant of the 1-st infantry regiment, in 1814 - cadet of the 4-the carabineer regiment, later - colonel. The real estates of Sukhotins - Bogdanovo, Bereikovo; the last is neighbouring Denisovo, the estate of Zuzins. He is the probable author of the painting.
Zuzin Alexander Ivanovich, landowner in Kostroma.