.G.Orlov-Chesmensky on the Fierce. Not before 1796

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Nevzorov Dmitry

Artist of the late XVIII - early XIX centuries.
Painter. Serf of the Earls Orlovs.

.G.Orlov-Chesmensky on the Fierce. Not before 1796

Oil on canvas. 40 56

Inscribed, bottom left: b -i b. Signature-monogram on the pillar: .

Museum of Horse Breeding
Inv. 32

Transferred in 1940 from the State Research Museum of Horse Breeding, Moscow; earlier (until 1928) in the ownership of Prilepsk stud-farm in Tula province (until 1918 in Y.I.Butovich collection).
Orlov Aleksey Grigorievich (1737 - 1807/1808), Earl (1762), General-in-Chief (1769). One of the key -figures during the palace revolution of 1762. Was a commander of Russian fleet in the Mediterranean sea. Was rewarded a title Chesmensky for the victories at Navarin and Chesma (1770).
The reason for dating this picture: the stallion Fierce-2, whom A.G.Orlov is riding, was born in 1792, whereas it could have been used for riding not earlier than in 1796. This information was provided by D.Y.Gurevich, Director of the Museum of Horse Breeding.