Asters and Grapes. 1993

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Grigoriev Vasily Vasilievich. 1914 - 1994. Moscow region

Grew up in Kirzhach, Vladimir region, lived in Moscow, Siberia, Moscow suburbs. Worked as a caster. Liked to draw since childhood. Started copying the reproduced paintings, then continued to make the compositions of his own, depicting his native village. Since 1928 he sold his paintings on oilcloth at the markets in Moscow. When retired, he devoted himself to painting. Since late 1980-ies collectioners and museums have acquired his works. Grigoriev used some market-place-artists manner of brush strokes (swinging strokes and brush-end strokes) within the limited number of visual forms, repeated in some constant types of compositions: festive meals, bunch of flowers, mermaid and swans, village. In the opinion of the leading Russian experts he should be listed among the 10 best Russian naive painters.

Asters and Grapes. 1993

Oil on canvas. 96 85

Signed and dated, bottom right: 1993. ..

Museum Tsaritsyno
Inv. -12601