«Gaze with Diligence, Temporal Human...»<br>Illustration to the poem by S.Yavorsky

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Unknown artist of the mid-XIX century

Guslitsky Centre.

«Gaze with Diligence, Temporal Human...»
Illustration to the poem by S.Yavorsky

Paper, ink, tempera, white, gold. 57,5 х 46

8 lines of verse beneath the picture: Взирай с прилежанием, тленный человече, како век твой преходит и смерть недалече. Готовися на всяк<...> многия ревности сердечно умилися.

Inv. 52789/ИIII-61052

Purchased in 1921 from А.А. Bakhrushin.
Yavorsky Stephan (1658-1722), a prominent clergyman, polemicist, author of the sermons and panegyrics. The picture illustrates the poem, the main idea of which is Memento Mori - remember the life is too short, try to live your life properly, avoiding vanity. Shown is the man at the table, on which there are: sandglass (transience of time), a book, inkholder and a goose quill (wisdom of life). There are also a purse with money, a crown and a flower on the table. They are presumably the symbols of vanity and earthly delights, which a human ought to avoid.