View of the Knyazheva Hermitage (Princes Hermitage)

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Unknown artist of the mid-XIX century

Moscow, A.Loginov workshop.

View of the Knyazheva Hermitage (Princes Hermitage)

Paper, etching, chisel. 17,7 20,6 (21,6 27,1)

Monogram, bottom right corner of the image:
Title, bottom field of the sheet: and 2 lines of text Censors approval of 4 February 1849. Censor archpriest Feodor Golubinsky, Moscow.

Inv. 3145-93

Origin unknown.
Ignaty Fomich Tsyzarev, who took the monastic vows there, founded Uspenskaya (Knyazheva) Hermitage in the XVI century. The monastery is located not far from Kologriv, Kostroma province. Got its name after the river Knyazheva, which flows into the river Unzha. Abolished in 1764, re-opened in the XIX century. There were two churches of Alexander Nevsky and St.Nicholas - Thaumaturgos (Wonder-worker) consecrated in the monastery. They are shown on the picture.