Samson Tormenting the Lion

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Unknown artist of the mid-XIX century

Moscow, V.Sharapov workshop.

Samson Tormenting the Lion

Paper, etching, chisel, pointing. 39,5 х 32 (45,2 х 36,6)

Title, bottom of the sheet: Самсон Растерзывает льва and 5 lines of text.
Lower, signed and dated by the owner of the metal plate: Отпbчатано съ оригиналомъ верно Григорий Феодр. Чуксинъ. Ноября 24-го 1847 года, as a guarantee of the accuracy of the etching and its adequacy to the original drawing approved by censorship Censor’s approval of 11 August 1847 г. Censor Professor, archpriest Pyotr Delitsyn, Moscow.

RSL ART. Inv. 5949-91

Origin unknown.
Similarly signed sheets were bound in special volumes and were kept as a document for approving the validity of the publications of the workshop.