St.Onufry Veliky (St.Onufry, the Great). 1992

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Yushkevich Valentin Serapionovich. 1936-1996. Moscow

Born in Pinsk region in Belorussia in the peasants family. During the war found himself in Germany, where he was escorted together with his mother for forced work, overlived heavy shooting and bombing. After the Victory returned home, finished the school, worked; in 1966 was ordained after graduation from the Theological Seminary. In the later years was a priest in the church of The Joy of All-in-Sorrow in Moscow. Drew since 1980, became most enthusiastic about painting in 1990-ies. Range of his favourite subjects: the live of Jesus Christ, Christian saints, the nature and the place of a man and animals in it.

St.Onufry Veliky (St.Onufry, the Great). 1992

Gouache on cardboard. 75 § 51

Museum źTsaritsyno╗
Inv. ╩¤-10198

Onufry, the Great, a Christian hermit of the IV century, who had lived for 60 years in the Egyptian desert, not meeting people at all; is depicted as an old man with long hair.