Arseny Matseevich in the Dungeon. Late-1850-ies - 1860-iеs

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Unknown artist of the mid-XIX century

Arseny Matseevich in the Dungeon. Late-1850-ies - 1860-iеs

Paper, ink, brush, pen. 30,3 х 26,3

Watermark: Whatman 1857. Inscription, bottom: Всякъ образъ Крестный погибающимъ юродство, а спасаемымъ о Христb печать благодати есть. Преосвященный Арсенiй, лишенный Святительскаго сана. Подлинникъ в селb Савинскомъ. Inscription on the reverse side: Сiя Копiя снята съ рисунка хранящегося въ Ревельской Николаевской Церкви, гдb и погребенъ бывшiй святитель Арсенiй.

Inv. 42949/ИII-557

Bequeathed in 1905 by А.P.Bakhrushin, Moscow The drawing is the copy of the etching by A.A.Osipov after the original drawing by A.Koval’kov. Inscription on the Osipov’s etching: Рис.А.К.в.л.к.в. Considering that the original drawings for the etchings seldom survived, it is likely that this copy was made not after the original drawing, but the etching. Matseevich Arseny, born in Poland. Since 1742 - metropolitan of Siberia, and then - of Rostov. In 1765 was convicted by the Holy Synod, was disfrocked for the protest against the secularisation of the church property, put into the Revel’ fortress, where he died in 1772