Bouquet. 1819

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Unknown artist of the first half of XIX century

Bouquet. 1819

Sheet 59 from the album of Sofia Petrovna Belyaeva
Paper, watercolour. 11,5 17

Album of Sofia Petrovna Belyaeva. 1818 - early 1820-ies
Contains 87 sheets with Russian and French verse as well as several drawings
Binding: red leather. 12,5 17,5

Inscription, bottom: 7 N 1819 .. 298-299.

Inv. 81758/VII-1800. . 109

Transferred in 1944 from the USSR Museum of Revolution , Moscow.
Sofia Petrovna Belyaeva, sister of Decembrists brothers A.P. and P.P.Belyaevs, midshipmen of the Guard-crew, participants of the Decembrists revolt on the Senate Square, sentenced to penal servitude in Siberia.