V.I.Lenin at the I All-Russia Congress of Women-workers. 1968

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Suvorova-Alferova Lidiya Ivanovna. 1901-1982. Saratov

Grew up in the workers family, sang in the church choir, since 15 worked at the plant where got acquainted with Bolsheviks. Finished nurse-courses, worked as a nurse at the hospitals, nearly died of the epidemic typhus. In 1919 joined the Bolshevik party and volunteered for the Red army. As an active political leader participated in the Civil war, campaign of grain-confiscation, anti-child-neglect campaign, industrial construction. In 1949 got leukaemia, nearly died, but survived. At 58, despite the illness and palsied legs, started painting. Having tried herself in portrait, landscape and still-life painting, she turned to historical subjects in 1966-1967 and since then it took the main place in her art. The works of Suvorova-Alferova are full of reminiscences about the revolution, Civil war and Soviet history. The generous support, provided by Saratov artist V.Lopatin, who became a biographer and an art-manager of Suvorova-Alferova, was of utmost importance for her.

V.I.Lenin at the I All-Russia Congress of Women-workers. 1968

Oil on cardboard. 50 72

Signed and dated, bottom: - 68

Museum Tsaritsyno
Inv. -11423