Rocket is Arriving. 1997

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Suvorov Alexander Vasilievich. B.1913. Tver region

Born and grew up in the village Poyarkovo, demolished as a result of the construction of the water-reservoir on the Volga river, worked at the collective farm, from 22 till retired - as a railway worker. Drew occasionally, more regularly got engaged in painting when retired. Self-educated; rural life and nature are favourite subjects of his small-size paintings. Often finishes the work with detailed inscription on the reverse side and self-made carved and painted frame. Lives in the village Volnoga, Nelidovo district, Tver region.

Rocket is Arriving. 1997

Oil on MDF. 43 69

Authors inscriptions, bottom - left: centre: right: 1997 . .

Kirov Museum
Inv. 47