Mother and Daughter Stepanovs. 1971

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Stepanov Sergey Georgievich. 1923 - 1995. Orenburg region

Parents took an active part in the Civil war. After the death of his father, who was Commander of the Red army, Stepanovís family lived in poverty: younger brother and sister of the 10-years-old Sergey died of starvation. Having finished 7 grades of secondary school and a crafts-school, Stepanov worked as a plasterer. In 1942 was a mortar gunner in the skiing battalion near Moscow, was wounded. Since 1943 worked at the collective farm as a brigadier, as an accountant, as a carpenter. The first drawings were made at school, but only since 1965 started drawing and later painting on a systematic basis. In 1966-1971 studied at PUAC, where he took the instructions of A.Eisenman. Favourite themes: reminiscences of war and work at the collective farm, history of Orsk (Orenburg region), fishing, portraits of his relatives and friends. Never made any preliminary sketches, could start to paint from any corner, continued, as a true accountant, carefully putting millions of tiny brush-strokes on the canvas, finished the work with a long description of the subject on the reverse side of the painting.

Mother and Daughter Stepanovs. 1971

Oil on cardboard. 50 ű 67