Easter (Remembrance of the dead at the cemetery on the 1-st day of Easter). 1995

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Romanenkov Vasily Tikhonovich. B. 1953. Moscow

Born in the village Dubrovka, Smolensk region, in the peasants family. Since 15 has been living in Moscow suburbs, working as a carpenter at the construction sites, at the moment - as a gardener. Lives the lonely life. In 1975 Romanenkov entered PUAC and started to draw systematically. For 10 years his tutor was N.Rotanov. His habit of daily training in drawing, combined with ability of self-concentration brought about an amazing artistic manner, quite a unique in itself. His pencil drawings, painted with colour ink, develop in complicated compositions with many of flat figures, which differ in attributes only; they remind mosaics or ornamental tapestry. His favourite subjects - birth, wedding, funeral, funeral meals; their participants are arranged in the hierarchic position. Romanenkovís images originate form collective sub-consciousness, where alive and dead are brought together in the tribal memory. ęWhen Iím working it seems like someone is guiding me from the UniverseĽ, - comments the artist. The works of Romanenkov were recognised and rewarded with honorary prises at the exhibitions INSITA-94 and INSITA-97.

Easter (Remembrance of the dead at the cemetery on the 1-st day of Easter). 1995

Central piece of the triptych
Paper, pencil, colour ink. 97 ű 70

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