Fair in Verkhopenie. 1979

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Kramskoy Mikhail Sergeevich. 1908-1990. Belgorod region

Born and lived most of his life in the village Verkhopenie. Graduated from the Parish school, for about a year attended the Art school in Kharíkov. Lived in Moscow for several years, worked as a shop-window designer. Participated in the World War II, was wounded, was decorated with orders and medals. Having returned back to his native village worked as a director of the local recreation club. The peak of his enthusiasm about painting was in 1970-1980-ies. In his pictures Kramskoy showed different sides of the traditional rural life, the feasts and every-day life, thoroughly portrayed tiny details of the past time, either details of the folk costume or the scenes of the peasantsí work.

Fair in Verkhopenie. 1979

Oil on canvas. 99 ű 125

Inv.  Ō-78