Our Childhood. Evacuation. 1984

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Shneider Viktor Iosifovich. 1934 - 1995. Orenburg region

Born in the peasants family, in 1939-1941 lived with his family in Kalmykia, since 7 helped to save the cattle during the war, overlived evacuation and bombing. During the war helped in the corn harvesting. Having finished the secondary school, worked as a village cinema-operator, a driver, a carpenter, stove-maker. Was enthusiastic about fishing and hunting. In 1961 after a serious disease became an invalid. Gradually got interested in painting, in his works reflected his native land and the most remarkable episodes of his life.

Our Childhood. Evacuation. 1984

Oil on canvas. 105 146

Authors inscription on the reverse side:

Orenburg Museum
Inv. -4491