Riverhead. 1991

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Rzhannikov Mikhail Alexandrovich. B.1930. Lipetsk

Born in the village Sloboda in the Urals in the large family of a worker. At the age of 13, when his brothers and sisters died of starvation, he began to work at the plant. In 1960, having graduated from Technical college, he moved to Lipetsk, where he worked as an electrician at the pipe plant until retired. Never tried himself in arts, until 1978, when he painted an oil landscape on the precoated linen as if it were a tapestry. Since then fully involved in painting, but using his own system: at first he makes the frames and nail the canvas, then works on 5-7 pictures at once, that saves paint. Among Rzhannikov’s paintings prevail the land, hunting scenes and still-lives. «I don’t intend to paint beautifully, I just try to paint the true tree, house or leaf», - says the artist.

Riverhead. 1991

Oil on canvas. 58 ő 85

Museum «Tsaritsyno»
Inv. ĘĎ-13233

The artist shows the riverhead of the Shishim near his native village after memory. This canvas Rzhannikov regards as his best work.